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Wise Marketing, Learning The Hard Way

Jan 1, 2008
few weeks ago I decide to join another marketing program to build my income. The plan is solid and the opportunity to achieve my goals is there. I'm happy with the program and what it has to offer. Unfortunately I'm not very happy with my progress. Being new at this particular program but not new at marketing I didn't pay very much attention to the details. In particular, the marketing plan.

I've seen my share of advertising and marketing companies who offer nothing of any real value. Unfortunately when it comes to Home Based businesses there is more than a fare share of nearly worthless programs. Most wanting to take money out of the pockets of unsuspecting newbies without offering any real value in return.

Some other programs that are available for newbies are mentoring programs. Some claim to make the new person rich earning thousands a month in short period of time while others are good solid programs. I hope that most newbies to marketing understand or will come to understand quickly that there is no such thing as a get rich scheme that works. Can mentoring programs work for a new person, of course they can. They can work if you have a very tight Niche market and if you have the time and money and the willingness to work the suggested programs.

When it comes to Affiliate Marketing or Network marketing mentoring programs usually do not help because these are very wide open programs. These are not Niche markets or even close to being one.

Having to learn most things the hard way I've been religiously sorting through hundreds of emails and clicking the delete button like it was a religion. Because I've searched out so many new marketing companies and spent a few dollars with some they all send a relentless amount of emails.

Not that I am a slow learner or hard to teach new tricks to although I believe that I am, I was swamped by emails that I had created myself. I was the one who asked for information and I know what that means. Marketing companies will send information until you are blue in the face or tell them to stop. In my rush to create a new marketing plan and to delete the emails from companies I wasn't interested I completely overlooked the fact that not only did my new company have a terrific product with a money making business plan they also had a terrific marketing plan. The solution to my problem was right in front of my face although I couldn't see it.

I have looked at many marketing programs over the years and almost all of them have a marketing strategy in place. I'll admit that some of them are very weak and won't really produce like most want but they are there anyway.

Having looked at many online opportunities and promotional companies I known there are many companies that will simply sell the new person a bill of goods and products that simply will not work. The online marketing industry is huge and a large percentage of it is aimed at the inexperienced newbie knowing very well their thirst for success will cause them to buy into their program no matter if it holds real value or not. Unfortunately there are far to many new people who are just starting out with a home based business that fall for the traps and spend money on things that will not work.

My suggestion for those who want a home based business that is profitable is to go through the program you are affiliated with from front to back and top to bottom. Learn what they offer in marketing programs and apply what they teach. The chances are pretty good if your involved with a successful company that their strategies have worked for others and will work for you as well.
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