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Jan 1, 2008
Affiliate marketing in its most basic form is having two or more internet businesses working together to achieve a common goal of making money. With the right software in place and right affiliates on board, affiliate marketing can help a company achieve higher sales as well as boost their ranking on search engine results pages. One of the key issues search engines look for when ranking websites is the confidence level of other websites that it will have what the user is searching for.

Every time a relevant web site has a link back to the main site, it is considered a point for the good guys, saying that site will have what the user needs. Since every ad an affiliate posts on their web site contains a link to the main site, the more affiliates they sigh up, the more points they earn as being popular among other relevant sites. The operative word here is relevant. The website from which the link comes should be similar in nature as well as be ranked by the search engines.

The relevancy of the product offered should also be similar, not necessarily the same. For example, if the website sells shoes and they are affiliated with sites that sell clothing, it would be a link from a relevant site. If the ad appears on a site that sells frozen treats, it may be a stretch to see the relevance in linking to a site that sells shoes. There are many websites that place no regard on the type of affiliate websites they team up with and may actually lose points for relevancy with the search engines.

The internet stores that actually verify a sites existence as well as the quality of the site and its relevance to its own site has a much better opportunity to improve in the search rankings. In addition to seeing their favoritism rise with the search engines, as more people find the affiliate site and click through to the main site, more purchases will be made, improving income as well as the search engine ranking. This can lead to other visitors finding the site without going through the affiliate site first.

Due to this possibility, some websites offer the affiliates some insurance that stipulates if the first sale comes through their site, subsequent sales by the same buyer will be credited to that affiliate. This is a great boost to quality websites that can drive a lot of traffic to their affiliated businesses. And like all companies with good sales help, they want to keep them happy. There are many affiliated companies that actively seek advice from their affiliates concerning the types of advertising they believe will help people into their online stores as well as accepting seasonal suggestions for merchandise and marketing efforts.

When affiliate companies and their affiliates can work together on a marketing campaign, it usually ends with everyone involved improving their success and their income. Working together to create an ad campaign is good for both parties but the main affiliate receives more sales, making them ready to accept constructive advice.
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