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Making Your Fortune with eBay

Jan 1, 2008
More Americans than ever before are turning to the internet to make extra money to supplement their incomes. Some of these individuals have become so successful with their internet operations they have quit their day jobs to focus on their internet businesses exclusively. Many of these people have turned to eBay as a way of earning money.

The great thing about eBay is that it is a way to start making money immediately, and it requires none of the investment capital you would need to start almost any other home based business. Like most things worthwhile in this world, running an eBay business is easy to learn, but difficult to master. With skill and research, however, you can turn your eBay business into a real cash cow.

One of the easiest and most common ways to get started on the internet auction giant is to simply find things around the house you have no further use for. These items, which would have otherwise sat around collecting dust or been on the next train straight for the county dump, could be an excellent entry point to making money on eBay. Of course, there is junk and then there is junk. One man's trash may not be anyone's treasure. Do a little research and see what similar items have been selling for. You may not be able to get enough out of them to make it worth your while. On the other hand, selling even the smallest items in an efficient manner can begin to increase your seller's rating, which will be invaluable for your dealings in the future.

If you find you enjoyed the selling process and want to jump in with both feet, you'll need to decide what your niche market is going to be. The best selling eBayers have a very defined target audience to whom they sell their wares. Think of about ten things you might want to sell on eBay, and research each one to see what the market history is like on these types of items. You'll be looking for two things: saleability and market saturation. For instance, you may think selling small swatches of carpet is a great way to make your fortune. The market may disagree. On the other hand, selling used video games might be a losing battle because so many on eBay are already doing the same thing.

One way you can begin making money on eBay with little consideration for the cost of purchasing stock, is by writing and selling ebooks. If you have a topic which you are an authority on (or could easily make yourself an authority on through research), and you have some competent writing skills, you can create an ebook and sell it on eBay. All the profit you make will be yours to keep, and the best of these books have been known to do rather well on the open auction market.

Before doing anything, however, take a trip to your local bookstore and pick up a guide or two written by those who have made a success of themselves on eBay. You may find there is plenty to learn about selling on the auction site you would have never thought of on your own. It never hurts to go into the marketplace prepared.
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Nick Angeli is a professional internet marketer who specializes in teaching others how to be successful with internet marketing. If you want to get in touch with Nick or learn more about network marketing success please visit: MyHomeBizLife.com
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