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Skyrocket Your Home Business Opportunity Income By Backlinks

Jan 2, 2008
If you are honest you will admit: yes you have seen. But it has not to be only a dream, you can reach it also in the real life. To be able to win the first position with your home business opportunity keyword, you have to do better than the present leader in the eyes of the judge, the search engine.

Truth is that we do not know exactly the algorithms of Google and other search engines, i.e. how they put the sites in a certain order, but we know from lots of analyzes that the backlinks are in the key role.The high page rank can be reached by the backlinks, i.e. links from other sites to your home business opportunity site. The search engine see these links like votes from the other sites. The more votes you have, the more popular and useful your site is for the search engine customers.

1. Build Big Number Of Related Backlinks.
It is important to have both a big number of backlinks and backlinks with a good quality. The quality of the site, which links to your site depends on: Google page rank, the title, the quality and number of sites, which link to it, the quality and number of outward links from the site and whether Google regard the site as an authority site.

However the high search engine ranking is also the numbers game, the more backlinks you have the better you will do. So when you research some keyword and the number one site on the result page, you must compare the number of backlinks of your site with the present leader. If the leader has much more, I recommend to find out the keyword, where the leader has fewer.

2. What Is Google Page Rank?
The term Page Rank has been named according to Google cofounder Larry Page and shows how important Google regards your page. As a sign of the rank, there is a small green bar above the page. This figure is not so important, but it has some influence.

3. How Does An Useful Backlink Look Like?
First, the backlink must come from the related home business opportunity site and be able to drive traffic to your home based business site. If Google Page Rank is higher than that of your own site, the better. On the top of these, the backlink must be visible to the search engine spiders. Many spiders crawl the site only 3 level deep. The site, where you have the backlink to your site must allow you to write your own anchor text, with the right keyword.

4. How To Increase The Number Of Backlinks Of Your Home Business Opportunity Site?
The first step here is to analyze the position of your site on the search engine result pages of the chosen keywords and make a decision, whether your site has a possibility to climb higher or is it on the highest possible position already. The keyword, which you use must also be on your landing page.

If you see potential to increase, then start writing articles, using the chosen keyword and distribute these articles with the wide circulation, i.e. to thousands of article directories and websites.

5. The Blog Posts.
Search engines love blogs, because of their personal, original, fresh and useful information. Blogposts can also be distributed to their own directories and in this way a home business opportunity gets a lot of backlinks and higher search engine ranking.

6. Forum Posts.
By writing forum posts regularly to the related, professional forum builds good backlink base in case that you use url in the sigfile. Every time a new post has been released, a new backlink has born.

7. Build Backlink Manually With Handpicked Websites.
Because the search engines respect the quality sites, it is practically the only way to pick them one by one and contact them personally by email. This will take time, but is worth that. Actually your home business opportunity needs only tens of them.

The good number of quality backlinks is the must to be successful in the home business opportunity business. The links are like business contacts, which will work all the time.
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