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Affiliate Marketing: A Great Way To Start

Jan 2, 2008
Sometimes the only thing holding you back from entering the internet marketing field is failure to start. The biggest reason people don't start is because they don't have a product. You don't need to have a product to start internet marketing. In fact, some of the most successful internet marketers don't have their own products.

If you are putting off starting your online career because you don't have a product I have a way for you start right now, today. You don't need your own product. You can sell someone else's product. This is called affiliate marketing.

Here is how affiliate marketing works. An internet marketer has a product, say an ebook. He wants to maximize his sales on the book. In order to do that he wants to have as many people helping to sell his book as he can get. In order to motivate others to sell his product he offers anyone who sends him a lead that turns into a buying customer, 50% of the sale price.

In other words, if you sent someone to his website, and that person decided to buy the ebook, you would get half of the sale price. If the ebook price was $47 then your commission for providing that lead would be $23.50.

In this example you made $23.50 with out having your own product. If you could do that just one time a day, you would have $704 within a month. Not a bad profit for not having your own product and having just one lead a day purchase the affiliate product.

How do you get started? First, go to an affiliate marketing site. Clickbank.com is the most popular affiliate site. There you will find thousands of products with affiliate programs that you can profit from. You choose a product that you believe will do well based on the sales statistics you can lookup on Clickbank.

Once you choose a product then you decide how you are going to market it. If you want to start immediately, the fastest way to get started is with pay per click advertising like Google adwords. You set up a Google adwords campaign using keywords that fit with your product choice. Literally minutes after you set up your Google campaign your ads promoting the affiliate product are live.

Utilizing this type of strategy, you may be sending leads to your affiliate product's website within minutes of setting up your adwords campaign. If one of them buys, you just made your first commission. You did it without your own product and without a website. This is a quick overview of the process but it really can work just like that.

You may have many questions about this process. How to pick the right product, how to set up a pay per click ad campaign, or what other ways can affiliate marketing work are some of the questions I intend to answer for you in the coming weeks. Return to this blog often and you will find answers to those questions and much more information about internet marketing. I will be here to help you with your online marketing success.
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