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Free Articles: A Tasty Recipe For Building Your Business

Jan 2, 2008
Free articles are a great way to build free publicity for your company. Here is a simple recipe to get make it work for you.

Before you get started, gather your supplies: Keywords related to your subject, enthusiasm for the subject (essential), computer, internet access, word processing software, etc.

Take one business owner (you) with an interesting story subject related to the business. It could be new trends or products that are available, changes in the way your industry does business or a case history about how one of your clients was positively affected by something in your industry. (Note: in a case history, be sure to obtain the clients' permission before use.)

Use one keyword to use at the beginning of his article's headline. Add the reason for the article: For example: "Cell phones: These new technologies will help you."

Use the same keyword to start the opening (lead) paragraph of the article. Add dash more keywords to taste. (Optional: add other keywords for great custom-blended flavor.) Caution: keywords added too liberally may ruin the article's taste. Search engines will avoid your finished article.

Stir in many short sentences and paragraphs of information that is really useful to clients. Explain unfamiliar terms using down-to-earth language. (Serving suggestion: iceberg lettuce works better than arugula.)

Add information in a logical fashion throughout preparation. Be creative: use chronological order, lists, dos and don'ts. Be aware that your article should not taste like anyone else's. If it does, lawsuits and other unfavorable reactions could result.

Tip: Prepackaged information may be used if proper attribution is given with the article or if the wording is restructured to be as different as possible. For example, if borrowed information uses an example, change the details of the example: Bob Jones to Tina Tuttle etc.

Variations may be added at any point. Consider seasonal and/or regional needs and availability. Is a holiday approaching? Is it nearly tax season? Is your article intended for a colder or warmer region? Take these factors into account and season the article accordingly.

Fold-in at least one link to your company's website, preferably to a page that has more information on the subject. Fold-in other links if they contain truly useful information that the reader will want, even if it's to sites that aren't yours. This will also gain exposure to your website and your expertise. It will also increase the article's rankings on search engines.

Stir the ingredients carefully until they are well blended. Before serving, have a friend or colleague taste the article to see if is to their liking. Adjustments can be made at this point if necessary. Taste it yourself and use spell checkers to prevent mistakes.

Caution: be sure to remove all fat from the article. Overblown wording that blatantly plugs a business adds gas, making the article inedible. Search engines will reject your finished dish. Before this happens, discard and start over.

While the main course is simmering, prepare bio-box: In a separate bowl stir in your name, another link to your company's website, along with information about your expertise in the subject. Add an offer or enticement to give the reader to click the link. (Serving suggestion: "visit mysite .com and sign up for my widgets e-newsletter.")

Top the article with a bio-box just before serving.

This is a very easy recipe, but some people just do not have the time or talent to prepare articles effectively. It is very acceptable to seek out college students or others with writing skills. They can turn out the recipe with pleasing results. Your guests will appreciate better quality food.

Once you try this recipe, you will find that you want to prepare it often. This is encouraged. Use it five or six times a day as an effective article marketing strategy. Many variations are easily possible.

Enjoy: This recipe serves many:

* The cook, who wrote the free article, gets free positive exposure for his company;

* Web publishers get free content for their websites and a fresh voice for the web pages;

* Users get valuable information they need from an expert (you). Nutritional value depends on the individual needs of the diner.
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