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Achieving Network Marketing Success with a Proven Method of Ezine Ad Placement

Jan 2, 2008
Calculate precisely where and how you want your ad to appear. The publication you choose to create a promotional relationship with comes through a better understanding of the basics in ezine advertising. You will have a target publication, a target audience and a great idea of what you want to say.

Every form of promotion in network marketing involves an aspect of risk. With this in mind, carefully decide exactly what you want to invest and how you want it invested. The optimal choice is to take each potential method for a trial period; solo ads, sponsor ads and classified ads. Using all three methods at once can be a financially exhaustive venture and one that is unnecessary at the onset of advertising.

The best method provides ample room for trial-and-error. It allows you to thoroughly test the audience of the publication and see which item draws the greatest response from the readers.

Begin your advertising venture with a solo ad. These exclusive areas will give you the greatest visual impact for your marketing dollars. Forgo any further advertising for a brief period to fully learn how effective this form of ad is for your product or service. Once you are comfortable that the ad has given you all the possible return it can, then take your promotion to the next level: find a sponsor.

Employ the work of a sponsor ad to see how effective this method is. Does it draw as much traffic as a solo ad? Does it give you the better results or is it an inferior method? For some products, a sponsor ad may draw much more interest than a solo one.

Allow several issues to be published before trying the last method: classified advertising. Judge its effectiveness based upon the same criteria as listed above. Above all, is it worth your investment?

Repeat this process for as long as you wish. Committing to all three forms at the same time with a single publication is a monumental task. It is better to ascertain the audience first. If you know exactly how each ad will affect the subscribers, then you will better judge how you want to place your product or network marketing service.

Your primary concern is seeing, at a minimum, your advertising investment capital returned. It is not worth your money if the potential audience is unresponsive or the base of subscribers is apathetic to your product or service.

Another factor to bear in mind when designing your ad is word choice and emphasis. Wording should reflect your excitement about your product or service. It tells the viewer you are eager to work with them and provide a solution to the problem they face.

When you have narrowed down you options and have found what you believe to be the perfect catch-phrase or advertising message, next comes placement. If your promotion endeavors are successful, maintain a consistent pattern of marketing with the publication. Companies, and products, that flash-in-the-pan, come and go on a daily basis online.

Slowly building a base of clients will allow you time to develop even more, promote even more, and draw a steady audience. The ultimate advertising formula remains: a good ad plus consistent, reliable presence in the publication plus a well targeted audience will equal incredible success.
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