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Home Business In 2008 And The Experiential Learning Guy

Jan 2, 2008
Have you ever leaped into a new project without reading the instructions? Around half of us learn kinesthetically (learning by doing) and would rather do it than read about it to learn what is to be done. The problem of course is that the unguided Kinesthetic learner can come undone often in a big way.

I learn Kinesthetically or to put it simply; I learn by doing things. Learning Kinetically has its challenges (can be very expensive - even dangerous) as I have discovered, from many experiences in my own businesses.

Experiential Learning and Your Small Business

Experiential Learning (learning by doing) is highly suited to the acquisition of practical skills, where trial and error and the opportunity to practice practical techniques related to real tasks is essential. This way of acquiring skill is integral to effective home based business education.

Fellow home based business builders are guided experientially learning i.e. 'how to actually do a task' rather than the 'what to do' of theory based programs. Time, money, frustration are optimized and importantly confidence is gained quickly. I have plenty of unguided learning experiences to my credit...take it from me, this is the better way!

Your Experiential Learning Guide

Amongst the learning experiences and failures there have been many success stories for me both in my business and family life. These success stories have unfolded utilizing little or no resources, prior learning or formal training. I have a way to tap these extraordinary successes; by guiding the experiential learning process. (Monkey see monkey do - right now)!

Measurable, positive and bankable results come from planned action steps refined to suit the individual's style on a daily basis. Daily action (and results) builds confidence as well as the bank balance. Building credibility and viability on the internet is another vital daily action i.e. proof of action and ability = the most qualified person to help others build their own business.

Low Cost - No Cost Marketing

Cost effective marketing is vital for small business as the marketing message needs to be out there massively but also needs be be manageable on a cost per sale basis. Marketing by article writing and submission is important to our overall strategy. Building a name for oneself is important and builds credibility on the internet.

The power of the written word can not be underestimated. Every speech that has ever influenced mankind started out as a written piece. Best selling authors command attention, are sought after speakers. They make their telephone ring through wide distribution of their credible message, with links and contact details available.

Having hundreds of links pointing towards your web site is the goal of article marketing. This means when people read the article, they want more information, they can click on the resource box link and to your web site. The spin offs are internet viability, higher search rankings) and credibility for being 'publishes' multiple times.

Speed is a key success factor with new business owners on the Internet. It is very important to assist new business people to early wins at their new on line game. Results like those detailed above can be had in as little as ten days.

When deciding on an internet marketing business there a number of vital steps to investigate. One of the most vital is to research what training does the company or sponsor use / deliver, how often per day are the trainings available, do they have a true step-by-step guide to your first sale? Training that is action oriented and experiential in its learning will have you moving ahead fast!
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