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Teleseminars: How to Maximize The Experience for Your Participants While Maximizing Profits

Jan 2, 2008
As easy as Telesminars or Tele-training are, there are a few pitfalls that can ruin your participants' experience. Here are a few to watch out for, not only to benefit the enjoyment of your participants, but to protect the content - and future profits - for yourself.

Entry Beeps "ON"
Sometimes participants are late or pop in and out of a call during the whole hour. The last thing you want to happen is for the telltale beep to announce that. Not only does it destroy the listening experience for the other participants (and reflect badly on you because you seem unorganized) but it can affect recording quality. If you're going to repurpose your Teleseminar and sell the recording, you're going to have all these beeps throughout the recording, which ruins the value. To prevent this, mute the participants.

Starting Your Call Late
Never start a class late. It suggests disorganization and disrespects prompt attendees. My students know if they're 5 minutes late, they've missed content. But for some people, participants can come in 10 minutes late and not miss anything. If you want to train people to show up on time, then you must start on time.

No Back-Up Recording
If you're primary recording source fails, all of your content is lost forever. I always hire someone in another part of the country to create the backup recording. At least twice a year, a lightening storm will mess up the recording, so not only doing a backup but creating a backup in another state is invaluable. You need to record your calls, not only so you can repurpose your content for more profits, but if you've promised participants they'll get a copy (whether paid or unpaid) and the recording fails, you look bad.

No Back-up Plan
During a recent training, my power went out. I conducted the rest of the Teleseminar from my mobile phone in my daughter Breanna's walk-in closet. I literally conducted an additional two hours of training from my cell phone. Why? The show must go on. My computer went out, everything went out. I didn't have my notes, which were on the computer. Shame on me. I couldn't even print anything because all the electricity went out, but the show went on. It must go on for you, too.

You Don't Repurpose
If you don't repurpose your Teleseminar training, then you are literally throwing money away because your audience wants your information in multiple formats. Put your Teleseminar recording on a CD and sell it or transcribe the audio and sell the transcripts. Make mp3 downloads available online so your listeners can more "intimately" listen to you on their iPods or mp3 players.

These are just a few things to keep in mind while preparing for and executing your Teleseminars to not only make the experience better for your audience but to make more money for yourself in the long run.
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