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Can A Drive Up Coffee Shop Be Successful?

Jan 2, 2008
The quest to find a delicious cup of coffee is something many people do on their way to work or as they drop their children off at school. They are looking for a place that can offer that as well as fast and friendly service. One concept I have seen in some locations are drive up coffee shops. You don't have to get out of your car to order and that speeds things up. If you are traveling with children it makes the process even easier.

It has been my personal experience that drive up coffee shops really have a good thing going on. They are definitely meeting a need as people always need coffee in the morning. Many people like it at other times of the day too. These establishments are smaller than a regular coffee shop but they still have enough room for their supplies and employees to get the job done.

The cost of operating a drive up coffee shop is generally lower than a traditional one. You have less space to pay for, less equipment to have to buy, there aren't any tables or decorations to pay for, and you will still be getting a steady stream of customers to your business.

This is simply a smaller scale version of a regular coffee shop. It has to be set up very well though so that employees have the space to move around and that the equipment can be easily reached. Don't set up such a small drive up coffee shop that you struggle to find room to store your supplies.

Be willing to offer plenty of quality drinks on your menu. You also want to be able to make them quickly so you don't have a line of cars out to the street. Most people coming to you for a cup of coffee want the process to be fast so make sure that line keeps moving rapidly.

Some of these drive up coffee shops are only open in the morning. This is when they most people are looking for coffee so be ready for that demand. To help maximize their profits and reduce expenses they close up after the morning rush. For a retired person that wants their own business but also plenty of free time this could work.

There is plenty of flexibility for hours when it comes to drive up coffee shops. Some choose to be open all night. Others choose to only be open from 5 am until 12 pm to get the morning coffee drinkers. It is up to you what you want to do with your drive up coffee shop business. It also depends on the amount of traffic you are going to generate during specific times of the day.

A drive up coffee shop has plenty to offer to customers. They are fast, convenient, and the drinks are affordable due to the lower overhead expenses. For business owners, this could prove to be a very profitable type of business if you pay close attention to the details.
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