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Keywords Really Are The Key

Jan 2, 2008
Internet marketing is dependent upon being able to target a specific audience and then get that audience to go to a website.

It could be your website if you are selling a product or it could be someone else's website if you are an affiliate for that website. Either way you must generate targeted traffic. The way you generate targeted traffic is with keywords.

No matter what methods you use to generate traffic, whether it be through optimizing your site for the search engines, article marketing, pay per click marketing, blog marketing, PR marketing, Craig's List marketing, Squido marketing, or any other form of web 2.0 marketing they all depend on the same thing, keywords.

A keyword is nothing more then a word or a phrase that people are using to search for information on the internet. Keyword could also be called search term. You need to find the words that your target group or niche is using the most when they are looking for the information or product you are selling.

For example, if your product is a guide to being physically fit, some of the related words you might consider are; fitness, physical fitness, health, exercise, weightlifitng, how to get physically fit, how to train, how to loose weight and exercise guide.

You can probably think of dozens more. But how do you know which terms are really being searched on? How do you know which terms are used most often? How do you know if you have thought of the correct keywords for your target niche?

To get those answers and to select the best keywords and phrases you need to do some research. Fortunately there are some fantastic resources available. One of the best is wordtracker. Wordtracker offers a free search tool that you can start with right away. They also offer more in depth analysis with their subscription service.

Even using their free service you will find what you need to. You type in a keyword and wordtracker will do a search on that word and also find other related search terms. The really valuable part is that when wordtracker returns your results, not only does it list the keywords but it also lists how many times a day the keyword is actually searched on. By utilizing this information you can then narrow or expand your keyword list, targeting the keywords that have the highest number of searches.

Although I believe that Wordtracker is the best keyword solution, there are many other tools out there. What ever you use to suggest and target keywords, make sure you do it carefully. Your online business depends on knowing the best keywords to use. Keywords really are the key to your online success!
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