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Moving to a Caribbean Island? Tips to Keep in Mind

Jan 2, 2008
Living in a tropical paradise sounds good; and it is for the most part. However, there are some preliminary points you would want to consider before going to an island in the Caribbean or before you look for jobs in the Caribbean.

One major point to take under consideration is that the feeling of living on an island is going to lose its luster after a while if you are used to wide-open spaces to get away to. You are on an island, so you will need to get over that and make due with the limited space available. Finding a job there is another major hurdle.

Also with many Caribbean jobs, you will need a work permit or sponsorship from an employer prior to leaving if you are not a national there to begin with. Look to find more about this by searching for the embassy or consulate online and calling them up to get their advice before you act upon anything.

Aruba for example, a jewel in the southern Caribbean chain, is Dutch owned. If you were interested in moving to get a job there, it would be nearly the same as applying to work in the Netherlands. And one big catch to consider for many of the island nations you may be interested in is that work permits for specific jobs are only granted if there are no qualified citizens there who are applying or are available.

Also you will need to know that an island like Aruba, because it's Dutch owned, usually requires workers who are bilingual or trilingual (Dutch and the native Papiamento are the most common language).

Caribbean jobs are to be had however. It just takes some preliminary research and question asking before you embark upon a lifestyle change like this. There are always sectors both in the public and private field on nations that need workers.

Look to where the money comes from and see where you fit in. For instance, tourism is of course big there, so you would expect cruise liners and hotels to be a hot prospect.

The best means to do research, if you have this in your budget, is to simply go there as a tourist and make contacts and talk to the locals. Make friends and contacts. Finding jobs in the Caribbean will be the first adventure for you, then landing a place to live and getting established will come easier.
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