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The To Do List: It's A Priority or Not?

Jan 3, 2008
Sometimes people feel it organizes them better when they make To Do lists. For some people, to do lists help them to remember all the things they need to do so they can get their work done better and in a timely manner.

Sometimes people put pressure on us to prioritize things that are not necessary. One thing that really makes people think when they prioritize is what really needs to be prioritized? All things are important but some are more important than others.

When you are making a To Do list, deciding which things need to be prioritized can be hard. It is a very important part of prioritizing to think of those things though. When you are prioritizing you may need to think of these things:

Am I able to break one big chore and make it into a few smaller chores? You may have one big task that you can break into smaller portions and get part of it done one day and part of it done another. It may be important to do the first few steps in one day but the rest of it may be able to wait for another day. This way you are able to get more things that need to be done finished.

When it comes to your clients, you need to keep them happy. It may be better for you to think of them first and get them taken care of first. Then you need to get the other things that you need done as well. One very important thing to remember is to keep the deadlines that you make for yourself.

Are there lawful dilemmas you are going to be in if you don't finish this job? It can really harm your business if you skip paying your taxes so that you can afford something else you need for the business. If it has come to this you think ahead and have these things figured out so that you can get other things done before deadlines.

If you are experiencing some difficulty finishing all of the things that are on your To Do list you may need to get someone to help you. If you get some worker to help you get things done in a faster pace you will be able to finish all of the tasks in time. Then all the jobs can be prioritized and none are skipped.
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