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Don't Rest on Your Business Success Laurels, Set Greater Goals

Jan 3, 2008
At whatever stage you have reached in your business development, there will always be an important place for a properly worked out method of establishing new goals to achieve.

Target setting means that you have a way of evaluating your progress as an organization and then worked out where you want to move onto next. This is an essential part of the motivational process that spurs you on to take your business further and further.

How to Set Realistic Targets

The most important aspect of target setting is that you are establishing a SMART target. A Smart target is one which is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound.

Specific targets provide better motivation than more general ones. Higher sales as a target is perfectly laudable but a specific higher sales target is much more appropriate, makes better business sense and tells us more.

The target must be measurable so that we can be certain the goal has been achieved. This does not automatically imply that the target must be a financial one as there are many other aspects of the business that can be measured, such as hits on a web page, telephone inquiries, etc.

The attainability of the target is obviously important especially in the time you have allowed yourself to do it. If you are reviewing your targets inside a month, then make sure you are establishing a goal that you can reach in that time frame.

Realistic implies that the target must be something that you as a company can actually do something about: it is within your control.

Finally in this respect, set a time frame for when you are going to evaluate the success or failure of your target setting. This helps maintain concentration and motivation levels.

The Danger of the Comfort Zone

In the early days of a new business, any success is to be celebrated. Starting out is always difficult and demanding. Small steps may feel like giant strides. As the business becomes established, however, the target setting needs to be more demanding.

Of course, it is a satisfying experience to achieve all of your goals and hit all the targets. It might be, though, that the reason we reach them all is that they are almost impossible to miss.

Imagine a teacher setting a class the task of writing 5 words in an hour and then congratulating them on reaching their target. The only way for people to reach their potential is to fully stretch themselves, and this must be reflected in the target setting of the organization.

The Importance of Time

There never seems to be enough hours in the day to do all the things we would like to do. However, we can manage to delegate, prioritize and outsource. Work is almost always a pressured environment.

The temptation, then, is to set aside some things that we might not consider to be imperative to the success of the organization. Evaluating and target setting an agenda might, if we are mistaken, fall into that category.

We must find time to evaluate what we are doing and how we are doing it and then establish both short-term and long-term goals for us to attempt to attain. We must make sure we schedule regular, minuted meetings in which we can carry out this process. Make sure that you timetable them at a time of the month that, as far as you can predict, is going to be less frenetic.

Rewarding yourself and your staff for reaching pre-determined goals is an important aspect within the motivating of a workforce. Just as vital to its continued prosperity is the ability to set new goals and targets for the future.
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