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Assistants Need Deadlines As Well

Jan 3, 2008
Deadlines are something that every business will face at some point. Some are to satisfy your clients and some you set for yourself or for your assistants. Deadlines may be stressful but they will also help motivate you to do the work.

When you are a business owner it is important to not only set deadlines for yourself but for your employees as well. Your employees and any other help you may have, such as independent contractors, should have deadlines to. They know when you expect to have the work done.

Why should I give my assistants deadlines?

All of your work should be as important as the work that you do for your clients. You should set deadlines for your assistants. This will help them to know what needs to be done first thus they will prioritize their work.

Fair and reasonable deadlines need to be set. Deadlines are important. Here are some tips when setting them:

If you want to make the deadlines fair you should look back to when you were doing a similar project and see how long it took you, then base your deadlines on that. It is important that you think about all of the things that person will have to do when you are thinking about the deadline.

If you set deadlines out for periods that are too long, you are not going to be motivated to get it done. Deadlines that are too short are just going to stress you out. You need to find the perfect amount of time needed to get the work done. This will keep you motivated.

When you are setting the deadlines for your assistant ask them how long they need to finish a task. Ask them for their input so you can get it accurately and hold them to it.

When you are working on a larger task, it is easier to break it into a bunch of smaller tasks. Then you make a deadline for each smaller task. You can also just set a deadline for the whole project and tell your assistant to keep her own deadlines for each little task.

All deadlines do not have to be pushed. It is possible to not finish something in the time frame you were supposed to, due to situations that were out of you and your assistant's control. As long as you are still working on getting the work done you should be fine.

If a deadline is not going to be met and your assistant can see that, they should contact you so that you both are up to date on the situation. If know of the situation early, you can fix the problem by helping or getting someone else to help you as well.

When you are setting deadlines, think of motivation and structure. These two things are going to keep you on a good time table.
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