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Keep An Eye On Your Assistants Work

Jan 3, 2008
When you have a smaller business a good assistant is one of your best assets. Assistants are to help you with getting your work done when you have no free time to do it. Having an assistant helps you to focus on the more beneficial things that need to be done for the business.

Having an assistant frees you up to be able to pursue other tasks and help your business to grow. If you have an assistant you can let some of the duties go to the assistant while you continue to keep track of what is completed by both of you.

This will help you to make sure everything is getting done and makes sure you aren't overloading your assistant. It also helps to make sure the assistant is being recognized properly for contributions to your business.

Business owners choose their way of keeping an eye on what is going on. How you choose to do this is up to you as long as everything that needs to be done is addressed. The following are tips to help you stay focused on your business while keeping track of your assistants work load.

For both you and your assistant, check lists can be helpful. Make the assistant a list of things that need to be done spread out through three weeks and give her new ones every three weeks. When the task is done mark it off the list.

Virtual assistants are able to keep in contact with their employers by e-mail. You cannot pass her a list of things that she needs to do. You can set up e-mail folders for the lists that she needs to do. This is away that you can keep track of your assistant and the work she is doing.

When you are thinking of a resolution for project management, there is software that can put your needs to rest. When you are trying to communicate and assign work to your assistant this software is a big help. Most of the software that you can get also has file sharing software. This way your assistant can quickly return assignments back to you.

Keeping notes on your assistant work is an important way for you to be able to go back and evaluate your assistant's performance. Things to include when taking notes are: Was her assignment done on time or was she behind? Did she do more than she was expected? Was there something she messed up on? This will help you to see when there is a problem or any miscommunications on your part.

Don't over do it. If you are tracking down every little thing that she has and hasn't done, instead of getting to do some work for yourself, you are not getting anywhere. You would save time and money if you just did it yourself. Fortunately, you can keep record of what your assistants are doing without any effort thanks to technology.
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