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Private Investigator Course - How To Train As A PI

Jan 3, 2008
A career in private investigation continues to be one of the first choices of many people today, particularly those looking for a change in career path.

A private investigator course is the first thing you should consider if you are thinking of joining the ranks of the world's super sleuths. Yes, you need to know stuff like licensing and qualification requirements and it's more than likely you'll learn this within a course curriculum.

Online Training

It's becoming rare these days that being physically present within a class room situation is required to train as a PI. Online courses continue to grow in numbers and in fact, many schools and colleges will host these as part of their offering to students.

Basically all you need is a computer connection and access to the internet and you're in business.

Find A School Near You

GES offers an excellent private investigator course and your job is to locate a school or university which hosts one to register. GES provides the course content however, the all important certificates are issued by the schools.

The length of the tuition varies but three months is generally considered a standard time to complete the training. If there are unforseen interruptions in your case or you simply need more time then there are provisions for extensions.

What Do You Learn?

One of the big advantages for anyone wanting to break into private investigation today is to have a good working knowledge of computers and the online world. Let's face it, the world has become a smaller place because of the internet and online investigations have become the norm rather than the exception in recent years.

A good course will cover a wide range of topics including:

- what the business is all about and it's ethics

- federal criminal/civil procedure and the judicial terminology

- how to conduct an investigation both online and offline including surveillance techniques

- how to interview a client or witness and how to properly write and formulate an investigative report

- The various nature of the cases you may encounter including criminal and civil, fraud, missing persons, divorce, custody cases and worker's compensation

- how to conduct oneself in court and the testimonial procedure

- how to and where to apply for a job

How Much Does It Cost?

This can vary from school to school. A private investigator course online can cost anywhere from $100-$300. These figures can go much higher and will depend on the length of the course and the material provided.

Does it make sense to take a long course? Only if you feel you need the extra training however, understanding the basics is a prime requirement and when completed, you could consider offering your services to a firm for a short while simply to gain valuable on-the-job training.
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