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Tips to Help Prioritize Business Tasks

Jan 3, 2008
We've all had those days at work when we just don't know where to begin. Our To Do list is a page long and we haven't even started yet. Running a business isn't all about networking at the Golf Club.

We know, on those hectic days, It is not possible to do everything. However hard we work, there will only be 24 hours in the day and even we can't work all of them at least, not very often. So, we have to learn how to prioritize. In other words, it is a priority that we learn how to prioritize.

To many people, the assignment of prioritizing tasks is, in itself, a forbidding prospect. Sometimes it can be seen as an irksome chore that is actually stopping you from making progress on the actual jobs in hand. Believe me, though, if you can develop a method of allocating your priorities that is successful and manageable, then your time management can be much more effective.

Let's have a look at a few ideas. First of all, the actual production of a To Do list itself can be the first step to each day or the night before. Some people like to have this on a separate computer program that they can easily access. Others like to keep it written in front of them in order to be able to adjust it or add to it when necessary.

There will be many occasions when you can look at the To Do list and actually chop some of it out by delegating jobs to other people. For many of us, this can be one of the most difficult things to do. We like to keep control of or know that things are done as we want them to be. Delegation is vital. It helps you prioritize, gets things done, and shows your employees you have trust in them.

If you are a small business or a one man show, then there might be advantages to looking at outsourcing some of your work on an occasional or even regular basis.

Often, you can handle larger jobs by breaking them down into their constituent parts. This might allow you to deal with the more important aspects of the job first of all leaving less vital work until later. It can help you identify parts of the task that you might delegate or outsource. Leave yourself some free time to concentrate on the aspects of the job that are most likely to benefit from your immediate attention.

You know which particular undertakings are your individual responsibility. Give them an order of priority with your time. It's always beneficial to look at jobs that have got deadlines so that you can ensure that these are met in good time.

Tasks without deadlines can be able put near the bottom of the list or, if it really is a nightmare day, left off altogether.

Consider as well the various methods in which you can actually approach the assignments that are remaining to you. Might an e-mail be a better bet than a telephone call especially if you have a template or previous e-mail that you can adapt. It might be more beneficial to telephone someone rahter than have a personal meeting with them. It would certainly take less of your time.

If your To Do list is still frighteningly long, then analyze it a final time to see what you can outsource, delegate or postpone until tomorrow.

Prioritizing properly and effectively is a skill that, when mastered, can enable us to get the most important jobs done first. Make your time management more efficient, it'll help increase your productivity.
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