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How To Find The Best Paid Surveys

Jan 3, 2008
It's natural to look for the best paid surveys when entering the online make money arena for the first time however, the pitfall for many new players is expecting instant riches.

We're here to tell you it isn't going to happen in most cases. Unless you have a little experience "under your bely, getting the highest paying survey jobs is going to be a difficult assignment.

One of the reasons for this is the general "pecking order" which exists in the legitimate survey arena. It's not unusual for well established and consistent survey takers to get preference over new and inexperienced participants. But don't worry if you're concerned that this will hamper your efforts to add a little "pudding" to your bottom line.

The survey business is one of patience and perseverance. Those who do well have usually been involved for a good period of time. Patience comes from waiting for the jobs to arrive in your inbox while perseverance means signing up for as many programs as you can.

Best Paid Jobs

Don't expect to become rich in this business. Yes, you can earn a good part time income but only a very small minority are earning healthy four figure incomes and mainly because of the reasons mentioned above.

The best paid surveys are usually found within the focus group areas. Focus groups can pay participants handsomely, in many cases several hundred dollars and can take the shape of an online discussion forum, via the phone or at a physical location.

The problem for you as a new player is being able to find these type of jobs. The truth; they are few and far between and again, for the reasons mentioned above, will usually fall the way of experienced takers.

Most online jobs start from as low as $3 and can go as high as several hundred dollars with focus groups. Payment by forms other than cash are common.

Some of the best paid survey jobs involve payment by product. It may be a case of getting a product to test and then either complete a survey on it or write a review and in many instances, depending on it's value, you either get to keep it or receive a handsome discount to purchase it.

Other payment methods will involve reward points which will go towards product purchases or holiday vacations. Getting a good mix of payments from cash to product payment is an ideal scenario. Signing up for as many legitimate programs as you can is a good starting point.
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