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Renegade Network Marketer - How To Use Attraction Marketing For MLM Profits!

Jan 3, 2008
If you're not using the principles of attraction marketing in your MLM business then it's likely you'll keep spinning your wheels furiously trying to keep your head above water.

The playing field is changing in MLM; a point bourne home by Ann Sieg in The Renegade Network Marketer. The old methods of prospecting are one of the prime reasons people drop out of the industry in droves every day.

Quite simply, many network marketers just don't like hassling friends, neighbors and relatives to look at a business opportunity; it's not natural and is bad business sense. Why? Well, you're targeting unqualified leads. It's a hit and miss affair, more miss than hit and eventually, people get fed up and drop out.

Statistics tell us 90% of network marketers drop out of their business within three months. Does this reflect that the old methods of prospecting are working? Not on your life. Then why are they still rammed down the throats of new distributors?

Attraction marketing is a completely different ball game. It's the renegade network marketer game. Targeted prospects coming to you and wanting to hear about your offer. But it's not quite as simple as that.

The attraction game is a process. It's about pre-selling your prospect; teaching and training them during the lead up phase and more importantly, profiting from them to create cash flow in your business as you continue to build it.

The reason why most distributors are part of the 90% club is because they cannot maintain their financial commitment to their business during the slow building phase of network marketing. Waiting for the duplication effect to kick in takes a long time.

If you're teaching your downline the same old methods you were taught by your upline then imagine how slow your business will grow. What happens when your names list runs dry? Who do you approach about your business then?

The trick to staying afloat in your MLM business is creating additional streams of income to help finance your primary business. Does that make sense? If the only thing you're showing your prospects is your main opportunity then you're leaving a ton of money on the table.

The renegade network marketer is one who knows how to generate cash flow from day one. He/she knows how to sell to 1000 people in the same time it takes to prospect one person using the old tactics. And that's the key to succeeding in network marketing in the 21st century.
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