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Five Powerful Keys To Make Money Online

Jan 3, 2008
People are making millions on the Internet, people have made millions on the Internet and people will continue to make millions on the Internet. It is quite common for Internet users to begin a business almost by accident. They have an off line hobby, which they research on the Internet and often they find many like-minded people in forums or on blogs. Before they know it, things have progressed and they are drawn to the idea of making some extra money just by doing what they love most of their hobby. Sometimes these people go on to earn a full time income that allows them to quit their day jobs.

There are countless ways to work from home and produce an income from the Internet. Some are easier and quicker to get results, but all take time to learn, practice and perfect before serious results start coming in. There are not many magic products or systems that will make you rich overnight, so don't spend too much time looking around for them. If you're a beginner in the online business arena, start with a program that requires minimum technical experience.

Many people have a dream to work from home and make money through an online business. While there are many ways to make money from online business, the most common methods for earning online income include:


If you have a passion for writing, you could write about different topics and you are your work online in the form of electronic books (e-books). If you cannot, or do not want to write your own books, you can often buy the resale rights to someone else as book and sell it for a profit.


Blogs are like online diaries. If you are enthusiastic about a subject, you could start a blog on one of the free blogging service providers. Once you get people visiting your blog, you could then add advertisements on which you get paid when someone clicks on them. You could also advertise your own related e-book to make even more money or advertise other people's products and earn a commission on any sales.

Paid Surveys

Many organizations and website owners will pay you for completing an online survey. You will be asked to provide a personal profile and your likes, dislikes etc. and you will be provided with surveys based on that profile. The best part is, you can sign up. With as many of these companies as you wish. Nowadays there are many websites that, for a fee, will put you in contact with lots of reputable survey companies. This will save you time and effort however if you do not want to pay for these services, you can always use search engines to locate them yourself.

Online Auctions

You really could have cash lying around in your attic. If you have any items, in good condition, that you are no longer using you could sell them online at auction and make almost instant cash. You could also buy items offline to resell online and pocket the difference between what it cost you and the price you sell it for. There are companies around that will store and ship goods for you. This is known as Drop Shipping.

Affiliate Programs

Some merchants allow you to promote their products or services and will pay you a commission each time someone buys that product or service. These are known as Affiliate Programs. They are free to join and commissions vary from around 3% to as much as 80% depending on the product or service.

You can find out more about the above money making methods by using any of the online search engines.

There are many more ways to make money online but before you dive headlong into looking for these opportunities, I have a word of warning. Do not be tempted to give up your regular job until, and unless, your online income exceeds your off line income for at least 4 consecutive months. I say this simply because sometimes your online income can fluctuate and often this income will depend on factors outside your control.
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