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Mauritius Jobs - An Overview

Jan 3, 2008
Mauritius is a prosperous nation, with well-developed infrastructure, and very little poverty, unemployment and crime. This is why jobs in Mauritius are quite coveted and judging by the indicators of development of this country, this phenomenon is not surprising. The government has played a vital role in the boosting of the nation's economy, which is why jobs in Mauritius are available for and wanted by so many professionals. The broad base of job creation in the country has lead to a variety of jobs in Mauritius being made available for those with qualifications.

Mauritius has a GDP of $4600 and an adult literacy rate of eighty five per cent. No doubt, with the help of these statistics it is clear why jobs in Mauritius are so popular and accessible. Primary school enrolment rates are a hundred per cent among the relevant job seeking population, and health, infrastructure and education have been the mainstays of the Mauritius government's focus.

The economic growth in Mauritius has been acclerated by the variety of people who can access jobs in Mauritius. This is because the foundation of the creation of jobs is very wide. Also, the job seeking population has been provided with education and is armed with the academic qualifications in order to apply for professional positions. The literacy rates are extremely impressive, being almost a hundred per cent overall. The key industries are sugar, tourism and textiles which cover the basic areas of manufacturing, services and agriculture (which includes agro-processing).

Even beyond these basic information, an average high school or college graduate can get a job in one of these sectors. The job availability is spread fairly across every economic strata, and this has been further ensured by the high levels of education enforced by the government in Mauritius. Thus, this creates a positive cycle where education leads to qualified people who apply for the jobs that have been created. The best part is that these opportunities are not just available to the very wealthy people, but to those who are not wealthy as well.

Geographically, Mauritius is a small island and is located in the Indian Ocean. It is well known for being very popular with tourists and for its scenic beauty. The main sectors that are central to the economy of the nation are agriculture, manufacturing, tourism and services. Also, unlike other African countries, Mauritius has an extremely stable and secure political climate. Recently, the economy of this country has been enhanced in a very big way, and this is commendable. In the last 20 years or so, the government has diversified the economy as much as possible.

Basically, Mauritius used to have an agriculture centered economy. However, textile and tourism have emerged as the new economic giants in the nation, thanks to the widespread education, the new and diversified business foundation and growth in the economy. The labour force has had to adapt to these changes - which have been considerable.
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