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Melaleuca's "sharing" Sales Tactic

Jan 3, 2008
One of the best ways you can learn a new selling technique for Melaleuca is to unlearn one of their common statements - "Sharing is selling!" The truth is that sharing is not selling and distributors are given a false sense that they are doing what it takes to build their business when in actuality, they aren't. Additionally, distributors are set up to fail because they are not taught to refine and develop their selling skills, but rather are led to believe that "sharing" is all the selling that a business will ever need.

A Melaleuca distributor must realize that he is a business owner and that business owners sell things. There's nothing wrong with selling. People do it all the time and it's a part of a healthy business. The real problem is not selling, but how selling is being done! Understand that selling is an important aspect of your business and that you can't have success without it.

The main reason people buy products and services is because it is the answer for a problem they have. One real problem with Melaleuca's "sharing" concept is that there is not enough emphasis on demonstrating or talking about the product. Potential clients don't know of a product's benefits and as a result, won't make a purchase because they don't see it as being an answer for their problem. What distributors need to do is find a need that their prospect might have and then fill it with their product.

Here's another half-truth that goes hand in hand with the "sharing" concept - that the products will sell themselves. Lies upon lies leads distributors down a path where they believe that they don't have to be accountable for the success of their business. Think about it. Distributors are being taught that they don't have to sell and that the Melaleuca products will sell themselves! If that's the case, why would Melaleuca distributors really be necessary? Distributors have to be taught that they are the reason their business succeeds. They have to understand that their efforts are the reason that their Melaleuca business forges ahead.

Learn what it takes to get targeted leads for your Melaleuca, Inc. business opportunity. There are many ways that you can set your business up to bring in targeted leads. While you may have heard horror stories of how hard bringing leads is, realize that it's not that hard, especially when you do it online. The Melaleuca home based business opportunity can easily be incorporated into an informational website. You can offer product reviews, informational articles on Melaleuca products and have a system to qualify your leads on the spot.

Qualifying your leads is not a difficult process. You'll use a hook so that your prospect gets interested in your business. Typically, good hooks are articles and free e-books. They have a powerful title or headline that grabs the reader's attention and compels them to read the information they got their hands on. The next step is to show a clear path of action for your prospect to take.

For example, your potential clients will come to your site as a result of an interesting headline they read and they'll want more information. As they read on, they'll discover the features and benefits of your products or that of being a distributor. Within a few paragraphs, you'll be asking for a sale and they'll be motivated to purchase. They'll then be led to Melaleuca.com to complete the sale.

You have to realize that you are the reason that your Melaleuca business becomes a success. When you start to draw people to your website and expose them to your Melaleuca business opportunities, you will begin to see the success you desire. Grow your Melaleuca business today!
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