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Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

Jan 3, 2008
Microsoft exchange server 2007 is innovative technology that lets you receive and send emails, as well as other forms of interactive communications in one easy to access portal. It was designed to work with most email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook. This means that you won't have to worry about learning new software or spending large amounts of time trying to incorporate new programs with your company. It has maximum efficiency for both large and small businesses. This is because it simplifies your communications procedures by combining and synchronizing all of your cell phones, PDA, Pocket PC, laptops, Blackberry, Smart phone, Treo, and any other wireless device. You'll be able to store your emails, save, edit and delete as necessary. Our Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 will be easily access from any computer or communications device, granted you have Internet access. This means that if you're across the hall of your office building, you can still access all of your messages and calendars. If you're across the country, you can just as easily access all of your important information, and if you're across the globe, within seconds you will be able to access all important company data.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 makes it easy for you and it's easy to transition. In fact, it is absolutely fool proof! First, you call us at 516-484-0077, and place your order. Next, you'll get a welcome email with all important account information, as well as a step by step instruction email that shows you how to set up. Then, you'll log on to a fully functional, web based control panel and begin to create your mailboxes. After that, you'll point your DNS/Domain name records to Exchangemymail.com. Or you can forward your email to us if you're using a split domain. Lastly, your emails will arrive at our server and will cease to arrive at your old servers. On top of that, we'll provide you with unique and individual options that are just as simple and easy to incorporate such as split domain options. So if you don't want to transfer your domain DNS/MX records over to our server or you just want to test it out, you can just forward the email to the new mailboxes. There, you can easily create a sub domain for forwarding purposes. If you don't already have a domain, we can help you with that too. You'll be able to purchase one directly from our site. After you've completed all of the DNS changes and configurations, you'll configure your Outlook. Or you can also use Outlook Web Access, which does not require any additional set up or configurations.

Also, if you have any data or emails that need to be imported, then this is the right place and time. You can just upload Contact and Calendar data from any Outlook profiles that exist already. You can even choose how much or how little of that data you will import. How? Just use the Import/Export wizard that's already in the Outlook. You're never alone with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. We strive to provide you with the best support possible, so you're never left hanging.
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