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Best eBay Selling Tip In 10 Years

Jan 3, 2008
More than 90% of people on ebay will find your auction through the normal search bar located on the top of any ebay site. Which means they are just going to type in the keyword for what they are looking for and the auctions are listed in front of them.

In fact, study shows that 90% of eBay buyers use the search bar to find what they are looking for. 90% of eBay buyers are a big group of people if you ask me. But do you know on what factors does the position of your auction is determined when a user searches for it on eBay? For example:

Lets say I'm selling a beer and wine making kit and my title is: Wine making kit better than beer machine and mr beer. Now any time a person searching on ebay uses any combinations of those words, my auction will show up. Let me give you an example: So if someone types in: 'Home Beer Kit', my auction will show up or even if they typed in 'Beer Home Kit' STILL, the same auction will show up. Test this out yourself, you will be astonished.

Now, instead of using the title: 'Wine making kit better than beer machine and mr beer', as this would violate eBay's auction title policy - since I am not selling Mr.beer or Beer Machine, but my own beer and wine kit. I can still use this type of word placement to my advantage.

I can use an auction tile that reads: Best Wine Kit Mr Fast Machine Beer Maker. This is 100% legit on ebay and you got all your keywords in that auction title! Including your competitors keywords. Pretty neat eh! Now when people search for Fast Beer Maker, they will find my auction and when they search for Mr Beer, they will find my auction too.

What a great auction title tip! I wanted to make a point with this article and that is as long as the keywords your target market is typing for is in the title of your ebay auction, when a user searches on ebay, they will be presented with your auction. Regardless of the arrangement of those keywords.

Try it out and test it yourself. Take advantage of your competition or the established brands that are selling what you are. I never would have learned this little trick if I didn't keep testing out different keywords and key phrases. I actually discovered this nifty trick upon accident and was naturally very pleased.

Try out different key phrases and keywords that you think people might be using and see which one brings in the most targeted traffic. Also no matter what you are selling right now, you probably have competition. See if you can break down your competitors brand names into different keywords and put them in your auction title.

This is a very good of getting targeted traffic that will take action when they see your auction. Plus remember, its not about having high traffic keywords, its about having keywords that convert to sales.

The best way to find this out is by testing different keywords in your auction title. Assume nothing, test everything. This is how you become a success in business, especially an internet business.
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