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7 Proven Strategies For eBook Promotion

Jan 3, 2008
Once your e-book is published, the next step would be to work on marketing the e-book. The thing to remember is that most of the audience for your e-books is online. This makes internet one of your primary marketing tools. And if not used effectively, this would severely impair the readership figures.

E-book promotion techniques vary prom one publisher to another. However, there are certain techniques that have proven their worth over time. And what is more, you can work on them with some help, yourself!

1. Create a website for yourself or your e-book
One of the first things you can do, is create a website for your e-book. The site can contain information readers would be interested in. For E.g.: Information about the author, the synopsis of the book, key characters, reference material etc. Moreover, the website will not only help you promote your e-book but can be used as an online sales tool to boost your sales figures.

2. Monthly newsletters
Send out monthly newsletters to your prospective readers keeping them abreast of your work including upcoming e-books, launch dates, online readings, groups and forums etc. This will keep the readers updated on your work.

3. Create an online blog for your e-book
You can go to the book reader's blogging websites and register yourself to create exclusive blogs about your book. Here you can regularly post information about your books and invite responses. Further, you can have link-backs to your e-book website as well.

4. Reciprocal links
Find author who write on similar subjects or complimenting subjects and request a mutually beneficial promotional technique using reciprocal links. Some websites are created specifically for this purpose itself.

5. Online advertising
Make use of traditional online advertising techniques. Promote your e-book on paid websites or for free. There are plenty of websites relating to books on the subject of your choice which will be happy to cater to your requirements. You can write an publish your own press releases for your e-book and post them on free press release websites will also help increase visibility.

6. Tie up with online book stores
One of the best ways to promote your e-book is to tie up with various online bookstores. Here, you can allow the readers a sneak-peak into your e-book and encourage them to purchase it. You can have further link-backs to your own website as well.

7. Get yourself listed on Google Adwords
One of the other ways to promote your e-book is through Google Ad-words. It is one of the most widely used search engines in the world. You can also get listed on a special search called 'Google Books'.

In this day and age, contemporary book publishing is no longer restricted to hard copies. A lot of writers find it easier to have e-books published. Many publishing houses have sprung up online to review and publish e-books. Established writers have both hard copies and e-books published by their publishers. If you are a fairly new writer, and are finding it hard to get a break, e-books are the easiest way to get published.
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