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How To Customize Your Home Business Opportunity Blog For Profits

Jan 3, 2008
Whether you choose Blogger or WordPress, both have their own strengths and weaknesses. Blogger has the lack of trackback and categories and WordPress the poor raw html editing facility, but each has its fans and when the user has used to one, he is unwilling to change.

Those who use the hosted version for their home business opportunity do so, because they do not need the options, which the uploaded software can offer and are pleased to use the options, which the blog host has to offer. There are also people, who has no website, nor are planned to get one and many bloggers are not internet marketers and thus do not have enough knowledge about programming and their target is not to make money.

But for those, who use the blog as an important part of their home business opportunity, the blog must be well planned for this purpose and if so the blog is an effective medium for pre selling their offers and for instance to make money online with AdSense ads from Google.

Blogs offer an effective way to link several websites, which all sell different products from different niches. Search engines do not punish blogs for this, but if you do it with several websites, the engines will give a punishment.

It means that blogs have different rules at search engines, the websites must be related to be able to benefit from the backlinks but the linking blogs can be very diversified and that is seen as a benefit. If you want to run the blog on your own home business opportunity website, one idea is to upload the WordPress blog to your own space with the free software by the help of ftp. client. This sofware allows you to transfer files from the hard drive into the website or between the websites.

Upload facilities on websites make it possible to upload files but not folders or directories. If you do not use the ftp client, you have to create folders, which are identical to those at WordPress files and then upload them one by one and to keep the original directory structure.

This is very time consuming and sensitive to errors, so first that you have to do is to download the blogging software to your hard disc and after that ftp it to your home business opportunity website.Now your ftp sofware allows you to change file permissions as detailed in the blog set up instructions The use of the text editor is also recommended, when you will change the contents.

Then you have to create the MySQL database for your blog, which is OpenSourceSoftware database management system that utilizes SQL, which many web hosting companies will give free on your web space.

Now all is ready and you can use the default page template with a great flexibility as to the look of your home business opportunity blog. This makes it possible to upload whatever free or paid templates and any of the many plugins you like to use.

What is great is that you can edit all elements you like to customize them according your the requirements of your home business opportunity: the stylesheet, header, sidebars, footer etc and add graphics, affiliate links, AdSense ads or other elements.

The plugins are great elements, which bring special resources to your blog, like anti spam filters, sitemap generators, calendars, tag system and RSS feeds, the amount of choices is practically limitless.

As you see, the chances of the home business opportunity blog can be very addictive, because if you are a creative person, the ideas flow all the time how to make the blog more appealing and better. However, the technical aspects must always be in the use of business and in the end of the day, the content is the king. As a summary, the blog must offer useful information packed in a nice package, the truth well told!
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