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How to Entice Visitors to Your Site

Jan 3, 2008
Utilized correctly, coupons have the potential to boost your sales and bring tons of visitors to your site. Here's a list of ways you can motivate people to come to you through the use of coupons:

1. You can motivate buyers to buy your new products or get a great deal on a product you are going to retire.

2. Coupons help you establish and build brand loyalty. You bring people in by giving them a discount right away, then continue to provide them with great deals throughout your relationship with them. That helps you gain the trust of your customers.

3. Coupons provide you with a competitive edge. If you understand the psychological benefits that saving money with a coupon and your competition doesn't, you have an edge.

4. Using coupon codes attracts affiliates to your program. Not only do people like to get great deals, they like to be able to give great deals. You allow your affiliate to look good by offering them coupon codes that people can only get through your affiliates. It makes it special and important. And the more affiliates you have promoting your products, the wider your market reach.

5. You make money from the sale. Your affiliate gets a commission from the sale. And your customer gets to feel great for the discount they get from doing business with you. It's a win-win-win!

6. You can use coupons to generate repeat business. Email your list of paid customers with special coupons for your products. Give them deals they can't get anywhere else and make sure they understand the only reason they have access to the coupon is because they are loyal customers. This grooms them into being hyper-responsive customers who buy anything you offer.

7. You can also send them a coupon immediately after ordering in their confirmation email receipt. Give them a chance to save a percentage off their next purchase if they buy within a certain amount of time.

8. If you have a product that requires shipping, offer them a coupon for free shipping. But they have to spend a certain amount with you in order to get that free shipping.

9. You can offer your customers a free sample of another product when they purchase something from you. If they like the sample, they'll come back to your site and buy that product as well.

10. Adding an expiration date to your coupons helps motivate customers to take action. If they know they are going to miss out on saving money if they don't act by a certain time, they'll be ready to buy right away. This provides a sense of urgency. They may not feel like they need your product right away, but if they can save money now and not next week, they'll buy now.

11. You can create coupons to push certain products that you have a lot of and you need to sell.

However you decide to use coupons, you do need to make the offer clear on your landing page. Restate the terms customers saw through your affiliate's advertisement or an advertisement of your own. And make sure they understand they have to enter the code when they order or they won't get the discount. Highlighting the expiration date is also a good idea.

If every single product you sell has a coupon code, then you run the risk of customers abandoning your cart to surf the net in search of that code. They may never return--especially if they don't find the discount they're looking for.

So you need to word the promo box to read something like Amazon's copy:

"Have any gift cards, gift certificates or promotional claim codes? Enter them here (one at a time)."

This is good because it implies the customer probably doesn't have the code and is missing out on some great savings. If he does have the code, though, he feels special because he's "in the know."

Or you can automatically apply the coupon discount at checkout. That way customers won't need the code, so they won't abandon your cart if they forgot to write it down or save it. You can advertise this aspect by saying something like "Your $15 will be automatically deducted when you checkout" on a visible area on your landing page. This makes the deal very clear and avoids any potential confusion. When customers are confused, they don't buy, so you should always look to simplify everything about the checkout process.
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