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How to Develop Your USP

Jan 3, 2008
What makes your business different? Why should anyone want to buy what you have to offer? What is your Unique Selling Proposition? Knowing the answers to these questions will enable you to increase the traffic flow to your website.

Your USP is basically your sales message summarized in one concise statement. It explains how your customer benefits from your products and is the first thing that comes to your customer's mind when he thinks about you. You should be able to use your USP as an attention-grabbing headline, and it should be so precise that if you changed or deleted a single word, it would damage the overall message.

But how do you determine what makes you different? To get some ideas, consider the USPs of some well-known pizza companies:

--Pizza Hut: "America's Favorite Pizza." They use social proof to brand them as unique. An entire country believes this is the best pizza around!

--Papa John's: "Better ingredients. Better pizza." Short, simple, to the point. They use better ingredients than the other guys, so they have better pizza.

--Domino's: "The Pizza Delivery Experts." What sets them apart is their fast delivery time, not the quality of their pizza.

Here are six words to trigger some ideas of your own: "easy, simple, lucrative" and "cheap, fast, good." Is your system easy to understand and use? Why? You don't need any special skills to use it? It provides simple, step-by-step instructions? Or are you the cheapest option? Can you prove it? Or will your product be a lucrative investment for your customer? How so?

Studying your competition can also help you generate ideas. Find their weakness and make that your strength in order to set you apart. Create a stronger guarantee, offer better prices or enhance your customer service. Find a way to become different.

If you don't have any well-known competition to separate yourself from, you should appeal to your prospect's wants, needs and desires. Why can't he live without your product for another moment?

Another angle is to discover what makes your prospect angry. Then ensure that he won't need to hold on to that anger when he does business with you.

What is the biggest benefit your product has to offer? Does it have to do with the product? The offer? The guarantee? Start brainstorming ideas and tightening it until you have one short, memorable sentence that practically pulls prospects to your site. And it will as long as it answers this question for the prospect: what's in it for me?
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