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Too Much Flash, Not Enough Substance: Page Design Mistake Number One

Jan 4, 2008
For some reason, webmasters just love the idea of flash animation. Perhaps it is the advanced look of it that draws them in, because it makes their customers think that something equally interesting and important is actually going to follow the flash animation, and that is not always necessarily true. Sometimes a whole load of flash animation is a person's excuse as to why their website doesn't have much else of substance on it. Either way, it is 2007 now and it is time to ditch the flash animation for good as it does no good for your actinic SEO. The new rule of thumb is that flash animation is only good in small doses - very small doses.

At this point in time, not everybody has yet made the transition into high speed internet, and that could be for whatever reason. A whole load of Flash is for the user who has super-duper high speed internet, and frankly most people don't; if they do, they don't have time to watch your life story on the computer screen - they come to your site for a reason and your Flash animation probably isn't it. If you don't want to lose out on valuable traffic, stop it. Employ actinic SEO for optimising your web pages and keep in mind that people come to your page for information or a product, hardly to be entertained.

It can be hard to cut down on the flash. It just looks so good on a brand new website, but unless you are having some type of grand opening or something of that nature for your site, cut it out completely. When you do employ it, keep it down to a day or two. It can really discourage people from visiting your site if they have to cut twenty minutes out of their day to get it to show up on dial-up internet. Also, if you must employ flash animation, make use of a skip this link for people who don't want to be bothered. Keep Actinic SEO in mind for this.

Sometimes there is a point to having a bit of Flash animation on your site, but not for long and in no way that can obstruct with the original purpose of your site in the first place. If you want valuable traffic that sees your site as a convenience and not an annoyance, cut down on the distractions and focus on having great products or useful quality content for your visitors to take advantage of.
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