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How Free Web Content Has Become The Internet Marketing's Driving Force

Jan 4, 2008
How did he do it? How did your geeky cousin come up with such a cool website? Not only does it have great pictures of your latest family get together, but it also has the actual latest news headlines and even stock quotes. (And you never even knew he was into the stock market?)

Actually, he probably isn't. Chances are, he was just smart - he used free web content sites to spice up his own website.

Free web content sites and free article sites are quickly growing in popularity on the internet. And no wonder: They allow webmasters to quickly refresh their sites with new stuff, thus ensuring visitors will keep going back to them. (In the internet world that's called "stickiness".

What kind of content is available? Just about anything, from the latest news, trivia, quizzes, animation and clip art. Some even provide templates to help you design your website and counters to keep track of how many people visit it. Another nifty feature many free web content sites offer is a link to advertisers: If you link to one of them and a visitor from your site clicks the link, you could earn money. That's an easy way to earn a few extra bucks, isn't it?

Where does the other free content come from? Mainly from writers who want to gain exposure (or at least keep their hand in writing).

For instance, someone who is a trivia junkie might like to come up with fun quizzes. Rather than try to have the quizzes published by conventional means, he or she can submit them to a free web content site. If enough people select those quizzes for use on their website, it could generate enough of a "buzz" to make a publisher take notice. Even if that did not happen, the trivia junkie still gets the joy of sharing his or her hobby with others.

Are you a writer but don't know what to write about? Many of the free web content sites have lists from publishers who are seeking specific subjects. Some sites allow web designers to have material custom written for their site. Check these lists to see if something meets your special interest.

Does it sound too good to be true? Maybe yes, maybe no. Remember the old adage, "You get what you pay for." But with the publishing industry as competitive as it is, you may find some really valuable information in that free article. Just be sure to carefully read the content you are considering to make sure it is accurate and well-written enough. Badly written material is bad news for your website, no matter who wrote it.

Also, it pays to do a search to make sure the article wasn't ripped off from someone else. Simply type a key phrase from the material you are considering into your favorite search engine. If the search reveals another article very similar to the one you are considering, it may have been plagiarized.

It is also important to consider readership. If your website is mainly geared toward "Star Trek" and its many sequels, do you really want that wine review article in the margin? Likewise, if you're fairly conservative, read that romance column carefully to make sure it does not espouse values that you don't agree with.

Part of the beauty of free web content is that there is so much available. You can change content as often, or as little as you like. You can experiment with both the look and the content of your site - and have fun doing so.

Likewise, if you are a writer, you can try your hand at writing movie trivia and if nobody seems interested in it, you can always go back to sports writing instead. As long as your content meets the site's parameters, it will still be available for others to see, and perhaps use. It is helpful that many web content sites have a rating system. It allows you to see how your work compares with similar works and perhaps help you to match your material to reader interest.

Using a free web content site has many advantages, both for writers and for web page designers. Find them by typing "free web content" into your favorite search engine. You'll be amazed at what's out there for you to use - free. Who knows, you may even find stuff written by your geeky cousin - and use it too.
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