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The Other Side Of Vending Machines

Jan 4, 2008
Most of us love to put our money into a vending machine, grab our purchase, and then walk away. This is just one side of vending machines though and for the consumer exactly how the entire transaction should take place.

As a customer you have the voice to make changes so speak up. It doesn't take much to contact the owner of the vending machine and tell them what is on your mind. Chances are they will do all they can to help resolve the situation for you. The owner of such a business needs to include contact information on each vending machine.

Most vendors really want to make their customers happy, so don't walk away an unhappy consumer and then never return. Look for a phone number on the vending machine to call if your needs aren't being met.

Just because you aren't buying the product from the person directly doesn't mean they don't value customer service. Most vendors will come right out to fix problem machines, refund your money if you got ripped off, and even try to supply a particular item that is in demand.

There is a misconception that a vending machine business is a hands off type but you just don't see much of what goes on. The stocking and the repairs to the vending machines take place at odd times so that they don't interrupt business in the area. As a vending machine business owner you have to be willing to work these odd hours in order to keep your customers and the owners of the vending machine locations happy.

Any vending machine owner needs to focus on their own experiences as a customer too. This will allow them to anticipate what the needs of the consumer is. For example, did you ever approach a vending machine that only too change and you only had dollars? It was disappointing as you couldn't complete that purchase. However, you can make sure this experience doesn't repeat itself with your own customers.

Make the vending machine experience one that is very fast and easy for anyone that approaches. Look for issues that could result in them not getting their products or their change as well. Some types of vending machines are known to keep items stuck inside so do your homework. No matter how good of a price you can get you don't want a defective model.

Both the owner and the customer are relying on each other to offer what they need when it comes to vending machines. Neither party should try to take advantage of it. You may think it is out of the ordinary to communicate with the owner of a vending machine. However, if it is in your office building and you will be using it several times a week then let them know what your needs are.
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