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Attract More Traffic with These Ten Tips

Jan 4, 2008
Competition is a great traffic tactic because people love to participate in contests. The types of contests you can implement are limited only by your imagination. Just be sure to run contests that are relevant to your business. If you sell information about fitness, make the competition somehow related to fitness. You could do this by awarding a prize to the person who lost the most weight in a certain period of time.

Another contest would be to have your contestants submit their best "fit tips." The winner could get a free coaching session with you and have their tip sent out to your entire list. To help get your creative juices flowing, here are some ideas for types of contests you can run to generate traffic:

1. Referral Contest. Every time someone refers another person to your site, they get entered in a drawing. Pick a winner at the end of the month and give away a prize. The only way to be eligible is to refer someone, so this generates word of mouth marketing for you.

2. Mystery Contest. Pick a name at random from your list and announce they won your mystery prize for the month. To be eligible, a person simply has to be an opt-in subscriber to your newsletter.

3. Idea Contest. Visitors contribute ideas on how to improve your site.

4. Quote Contest. Entrants send in their favorite quotes. You include the best ones in your newsletter.

5. Clue Contest. Ask questions on your entry form that entrants can only find if they surf the various pages of your site. This not only makes it fun to discover the clues, but it also exposes visitors to your products.

6. Photo Contest. Have people submit photos around a certain theme. You can post the photos and have your visitors vote on the best one...after they give you their name and email address.

7. Link Contest. The entry requirement is a link to your site on another site. They have to send you the URL of the site where your live link is before they can be entered in your contest. Then at the end of the month, you draw a name from the entrants and award a prize.

8. Writing Contest. Choose a topic and set a word limit (somewhere between 400-700 words to keep it simple and easy to judge). Make sure you specify whether or not you will retain the copyright and inform entrants that you will be publishing the winning entry in your newsletter and on your website. You should only accept original work.

9. Affiliate Contest. Award a prize to your top-selling affiliate every month. This will motivate your affiliates to compete against each other to sell more.

10. Ad Contest. Let your customers submit their own advertisements for your product in whatever medium you choose: print, audio or video. This is a great way to have fun and get sales copy from a customer's perspective!

It doesn't matter what type of contest you choose. Just pick an idea and let your customers participate in a little friendly competition.
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