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Don't Miss Out on These Co-Registration Wonders

Jan 4, 2008
At its core, marketing is a numbers game. The wider your market reach, the more profitable you will be. So without a sizeable list, the quality of your list doesn't mean much. In other words, you need a HUGE list.

And co-registration is all about getting you that huge, targeted list quickly and easily. Do you want 1,000 subscribers? No problem. You can reach that number within days using a service such as ListOpt's List Builder. Just decide how big you want to go, pay for it and let the service collect the names for you.

Using co-registration, you gain a list that has both quantity and quality. With quantity, you have a lot of people exposed to your sales messages. With quality, you have a high conversion rate among that huge list. To put this in perspective, let's do a little math based on the what the industry considers an excellent, quality conversion rate: 2%.

With a list of 100 subscribers and a product that sells for $97, you generate $194 in gross sales:

100 prospects x 2% conversion rate= 2 customers
2 customers x $97 product = $194 gross sales

Now let's say you paid for 900 additional subscribers through a co-reg service, taking your total number to 1,000 people on your list. Selling the same product at the same conversion rate, you'd bring in $1,940:

1,000 prospects x 2% conversion rate = 20 customers
20 customers x $97 product = $1,940 gross sales

Assuming you paid .29 cents per subscriber, deduct the cost of those extra 900 names to determine your net sales:

900 subscribers x .29 per lead = $261 cost per lead

So how much money did those 900 leads generate for your business? Let's take a look:

$1,940 total list - $194 from original 100 = $1,746 gross sales from co-reg leads
$1,746 gross sales - $261 cost per lead = $1,485 net sales from co-reg leads

And that's only taking into consideration the first purchase those 18 co-registration customers made. Hopefully they will spend much more than that with you over time, thus making your co-registration leads even more profitable.

You simply can't build a big enough list by relying on your squeeze page alone. Co-reg leads are more than email addresses; they're equal to cold, hard cash deposited directly into your pocket. It is therefore vital to your Internet marketing business to find a co-registration service and put them to work depositing multiple subscribers into your list daily.
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