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The Nurturing Process that Puts Money in Your Pocket

Jan 4, 2008
Building a large double opt-in email list with co-registration is the easy part since it's all done on autopilot. The harder part is creating a highly responsive list because it requires a little effort on your part. It's not impossible. Just harder. And the secret is in the relationships you build with your subscribers.

By taking the time to establish a relationship, your subscribers get to know you, learn to like you and eventually come to trust you. Only after they know, like and trust you will they consider buying something from you.

The best way to develop this relationship is to consistently provide valuable information to the people on your list. You'll create a rapport with them in this way and position yourself as an expert at the same time. Soon they'll learn to come to you when they need more information related to your particular expertise. As they seek you out and buy your products, it becomes easier to persuade them to buy a second product, then a third, then a fourth, etc.

But your leads came to you from a third party co-reg service, so your prospects require a little extra grooming to establish a trusting relationship. They don't really know who you are, and some may not even be sure how you got their names and email addresses. (The opposite is true, however, if your leads come from an endorsed JV co-reg campaign. When people come to you through a personal recommendation of someone else, you've got a head start on the relationship-building process.)

The most important contact is the initial message. It's equivalent to you walking up to a stranger, shaking his hand and introducing yourself. You want to make a good impression so this stranger will talk with you long enough to consider you a friend.

Assuming your co-registration service delivers your leads to your autoresponder as soon as they subscribe through the service, you want to set up your autoresponder to send an immediate welcome message. This is your "handshake," so make it personable and friendly. This first message does several things to establish instant rapport:

1. It personalizes the message by opening with the subscriber's first name.

2. It welcomes your new subscriber into a "community." He thus immediately feels like he is part of something special with a group of like-minded people.

3. It implies that the information you're sharing is valuable and will enhance his life so much that he'll want to send you his "success stories."

4. It shows that you can be trusted to deliver on your promises.

5. It lets him know the reason he's getting the message is because he took action to subscribe to your newsletter, not because you're sending him unsolicited spam.

6. It restates the offer to remind him why he subscribed.

7. It prepares him for the next message he'll receive so he'll be ready and willing to open it when it appears in his email inbox.

8. It thanks him for subscribing, thus showing him that you care and appreciate him.

9. It closes with a friendly signature from a real person rather than a faceless company.

10. It OVERDELIVERS in value by adding an unadvertised bonus in the P.S. section. Adding this extra value immediately boosts your likeability factor. Meeting the expectations of your subscribers makes you a good marketer; exceeding those expectations makes you great.

A first message like this lays a solid foundation. Now all you have to do is follow through. Set up your autoresponder to send the second message an hour after your welcome message. In this message, you should deliver straight content. You're not trying to sell anything. Yet.

Your third and fourth messages should also be pure content. Give, give, give. This is the way you build trusting relationships with your co-reg leads. By the time you send your fifth message, your prospects have grown from cold to warm. Maybe even hot. In other words, some may be ready to buy from you at this point, so this is where you start to sell.

Send them a sales message to let them know about one of the great products you have to offer and include a link to your sales page. This should be a high-conversion, no-brainer type offer, one that compels the people on your list to take immediate action. Getting that first sale is your top priority. You paid for these leads, and this is your first chance to earn a return on your investment.

Then in every subsequent message you send, have a way for your subscribers to buy something from you. Alternate between sales messages and content-rich messages, always making sure to give more than you want to get.

In your content-rich messages, include a short sales pitch and link to your sales page in the P.S. People make buying decisions at different times, so provide buying opportunities even if the main purpose of the message is to give great information.

Stay in touch with your prospects for as long as they stay on your list. It's possible they could be on your list for years without buying anything from you. But if you stick with them and continue to feed them information they are interested in, you'll be the first person they come to when they are ready to buy.
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