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7 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Jan 4, 2008
Converting traffic that arrives at your site into sales is the goal of every Internet marketer. But if nobody knows about your site, you have no traffic to convert. So driving traffic to your site is the first and vital step to Internet marketing success.

A myriad of ways exist to drive people to your site. Here are seven:

1. Your USP is a unique, pithy, powerful statement that explains what makes you different from your competition and/or why your prospect absolutely cannot continue to live without what you have to offer. When you use your USP as a headline, you attract prospects to you.

2. Six words you can use to describe how you are unique are: "easy, simple, lucrative" and "cheap, fast, good." Crafting a USP around these basic concepts lets your prospects know why they need you. When your prospects know they need you, they visit your site and buy your products.

3. Coupons provide a great incentive to get people to come to your site and buy your products. They also help you establish goodwill and build brand loyalty with among your customers. Coupons with expiration dates instill a sense of urgency in your customers, enticing them to visit your site and buy while they are still eligible for the discount.

4. Competitions spark that irresistible thrill of competition and create positive buzz for your website. The more creative type of contest you host, the more traffic you'll generate through both word-of-mouth marketing and repeat traffic. To maximize repeat traffic with contests, allow people to submit an entry every day throughout the contest period.

5. Write articles and post them on article directories. Be sure to include a blurb about yourself and a link back to your squeeze page in your resource box to take advantage of this free source of traffic.

6. Capitalize on other people's traffic through the use of co-registration services. These services help you build a huge list on autopilot for minimum costs. Your ad on these pages should capture attention, interest the reader in you offer and motivate them to take "opt-in action."

7. Contact your co-reg leads as soon as possible after they subscribe. First send them a welcome message, then a series of at least three content-rich messages. From there, you can alternate between sales messages and content messages.

Start by developing your USP, then put some of the other ideas into action immediately.
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