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Your List Will Only Grow if You Have Great AIM

Jan 4, 2008
Co-registration is a way for you to build a huge, highly profitable email list in a matter of days. However, it isn't about getting traffic to your site in order to gain subscribers. It allows you to gain subscribers directly from other people's websites using the traffic they generate.

But you still need great sales copy and enticing offers to persuade people to sign-up for your newsletter via a co-registration page. Which is why you need proper AIM: attention, interest, motivation. In other words, your critical sign-up copy must capture attention, create interest in your newsletter and motivate prospects to take action by subscribing. And you only have a few lines of text to accomplish all of that, plus your competitors' newsletters appear on the same page. So you must make your copy stand out.

First, you must capture attention with a great headline. Your headline doesn't have to be the name of your newsletter like "Fitness for Her." Nor should it state the features of the newsletter like "Fit Tips for Women." These types of headlines are boring and result in glazed eyes passing over your ad for those that speak directly to the heart of the reader: "Discover the Secrets to Looking and Feeling Irresistible Now."

Once you have the attention of your target audience, create interest in your newsletter. The most effective ways to do this include ethical bribes or offering an e-course. With an ethical bribe, you promise all your subscribers a free report, a free cd or a free one-on-one consultation with you. Basically, you're giving away something for free to get their name and email address. With an e-course, you're also giving away something free, but the perceived value is higher. Your subscribers don't just get one thing; they get an entire course.

Developing an e-course is nothing more than creating a series of autoresponder messages and titling each message something like "Lesson 1" or "Day 1" followed by a description of that day's topic. You're giving away free content related to your area of expertise in each message. Plus your subscribers will expect multiple messages from you in a short amount of time, giving you an opportunity to sell your products through your signature and/or P.S. line every time you contact them.

A great offer is often motivation enough to subscribe, but it doesn't hurt to tell people what you want them to do: "Check the box to subscribe and start your free e-course today!" A simple, straightforward call to action is the key to getting prospects to subscribe to your ezine.
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