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The February 2008 Secret Of Internet Riches Has Leaked Out

Jan 4, 2008
Well the news leaked out like water out of a burst pipe. The doors are open for regsitrations and people are going crazy about it. Feburary 2008 is a month many will remember fondly as a tuning point in their lives, but you can learn all about it here right now.

What could cause such a frenzy just for opening it's doors early?

It's the revolutionary pay per play system. You may not have heard about it yet, but believe me it will soon become a common term that everyone knows about. It is the pay per clicks worst nightmare.

It's a long anticipated ending to a problem that frustrated website owners faced every day. They could get traffic to their website, yet only a small fraction actually converted into profit.

That is no longer the case. With pay per play you make profit from every single visitor that graces you with their presence on your website. And it is so easy to do that it leaves people wondering why this concept has taken so long to create.

But, we can be happy that it is here now. Once you have signed up for free it is very easy to grab the code which you can paste into your website. This will ensure that as a visitor enters your website, an audio advertisment will play and make your account a little bit fatter.

You may be concerned about your visitors being bombarded with ads, but the pay per play system has that sorted to. Each ad will only run for 5 seconds and then stop completly. No repeating to peave off your visitors. It is such a short exposure that is practically over before it starts.

So just like that, as the visitor lands, you are a little bit richer. Isn't that a nice idea? You can finally just build the website, send the traffic and watch your bank account grow.

Now if you happen to have adsense websites that have not been performing as well as you would like causing disappointing profits, you already have all the essentials to get started right away. And even if you do considerably well with adsense you have the potential to do even better with pay per play.

Not only will you be paid for every visitor to your website but there is also an opportunity to participate in the 3 tier affiliate program if you choose. It pays a handsome commission for all the audio ads playing automatically on your downlines websites also. So if you know someone with a lot of websites, you might benefit from sharing the good news.

Pay per play is the newest rival to pay per click. No more waiting for clicks, just sit back and let the traffic turn over a healthy profit for you.
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Automate your profits by adding audio advertising to your website. Sarah Jane Smithfield is one of thousands looking forward to accumulating exciting profits that http://www.EveryVisitorIncome.com looks ready to begin generating in Feb 2008
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