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How to Keep Your Email List Growing with Co-Registration

Jan 4, 2008
You can use co-registration to build your list in a variety of ways.

First, you can use a co-registration service. With this service, you get your offer displayed on their website. You only pay when someone responds and opts-in to your newsletter. You pre-pay for a certain number of names, and they keep your ad displayed until you have reached your desired number. If you want, you can then refill your account and keep the subscribers pouring in to your list at mind-boggling rates.

While some services display random offers, others tweak the offers they show visitors based on the actions they take. For instance, if a visitor signs up for a financial newsletter, she'll see more offers related to the financial niche. Make sure you work with only quality, reputable services such as ListOpt. With reputable services, you can get thousands of targeted, double opt-in subscribers every month for doing nothing.

And double opt-in subscribers are the best because they don't get imported to your autoresponder until they have confirmed their email. They opt-in once by responding to your ad. Then a confirmation email is sent to them. They are only added to your list after they have opened that email and confirmed that they did indeed subscribe to your newsletter and provided you with the right email address.

Another way to make co-registration work for you is to joint venture with others in your niche. Using this method, you don't pay for subscribers but send subscribers of your newsletter to a Thank You page that has related offers from your joint venture partners on it. And they send their subscribers to a Thank You page that gives their people the opportunity to opt-in to your newsletter.

You can work with just one other person or several people in your niche who all have similar but non-competing publications. If your newsletter is related to video games, you wouldn't want to work with people who sell information about investment services!

On this Thank You page, you feature the names and descriptions of your JV partners' ezines. Visitors should be able to just check a box beside all the newsletters they want to join, then enter their contact information only once to subscribe to everything they checked.

By working with quality publications within your niche and by making it as easy as possible to opt-in to these ezines, you can expect about 80% of your JV partners' subscribers to sign up with you as well. Other ways you may see co-registration work includes:

1. You enter a contest. The entry process includes the opportunity to check a box to request more information about topics related to the contest.

2. You download or register a piece of software. The form gives you a box to check if you want to receive more information about additional products the company provides.

3. You sign up for a free email account. Then you see advertisements for more information on a variety of topics and can opt-in to numerous newsletters at once.

Regardless of what co-registration format you choose, your list keeps growing and growing with you exerting any extra effort or energy.
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