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Jan 4, 2008
Here we are again, starting a new year with a clean slate. I love this time of year because it has all the hope of a new beginning and the opportunity to recreate ourselves one more time. I find this a very optimistic time and enjoy setting an intention each new year. The concept of creating our resolutions thrills me as I am relentless about self improvement and welcome every opportunity to map out a beautiful future.

As tradition dictates, this is the time of year when we make our resolutions. Some people's resolutions are simple, some very complex. We all have a fervent hope that we can stick to these resolutions (though many times we fall short). We have financial goals, physical/health goals, creative goals, relationship goals. We want to learn to play the violin, dance the tango, find true love.

It took me many years to 'get it'. I would make my annual resolution to lose weight but somehow, it didn't ever end up happening (notice my "passive" involvement, as opposed to an active relation to change). Why? Well, the passive involvement is one thing. The physical addiction to sugar (which I'm told is more difficult to detox from than heroin) was keeping me heavy. And then there are the mental blockages. Ultimately, wanting is not the same as doing.

As I've written in previous articles, something finally clicked. I'm well on my way to achieving the health goals I've longed for as well as figuring out the keys to self improvement on all levels.

How can we turn our 'hopes' for the future into results? My first suggestion is to turn inward. Self-reflection is absolutely necessary to achieve results in this way. Ideally, take time and write out what you want for 2008-what are your dreams, your goals, your hopes. As you write, realize all of these are as close as you'll allow them to be. Frame your wants, needs, hopes, dreams, goals in an affirmative present tense (as in, 'I am achieving my health goals' . .. and then add in some detail 'by exercising five times a week, by eliminating simple carbohydrates. . .etc.'). All things are possible.

The next suggestion I have for achieving your resolutions is to figure out what is draining your energy. Do you have friends or family or an office environment that is depleting you? Maybe your spouse smokes and doesn't want to quit, but you do. This is something that needs to be addressed because quitting smoking is not easy if you're sitting next to another smoker. Create some rules, boundaries, and ask for the help you need from those around you.

Next, try connecting emotion to what you're attempting to achieve. In doing this, you add depth and strengthen your resolve. Focus on what you will have and the happy feelings you will experience. Anchor your commitment and movement towards this to the happy feelings. This makes success infinitely more possible.

And lastly, the power of visualization is highly underrated. Imagine yourself as the size you want to be. Visualize your bank account increasing. This is the very core of intention and self actualization. As always, be grateful for what you already have, and for what will come to you as a result of your conscious effort.

Happy New Year.
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