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Web Hosting Company Basics: Is Reselling Right For You?

Jan 4, 2008
As our economy tightens, housing costs soar, and jobs evaporate people have been looking for back-up plans and safety nets. The internet offers countless opportunities in e-commerce-both legitimate and unethical. Individuals who have a fair amount of technological and internet savvy may find that Web Hosting is a great way to replace or augment shrinking paychecks. What do you need to know?

Major Web Hosting companies generally have several reseller plans available for reasonable fees. You can sign-up for a plan and resell space to other website owners through your own account. The user interface is easy to use and fast. You will create accounts, passwords, and e-mail addresses, set bandwidth and size limitations, and bill your clients. Since your business will depend on the quality of your service, it is absolutely vital that you start with a safe, reliable, responsive Hosting Company. Frequent episodes of site downtime will drive away customers. Bad customer service and slow responses to problems will doom your business to failure. Become familiar with all the tools that will be available to your buyers so you will be able to answer their questions.

To get potential clients to read about your Web Hosting service you need to advertise and drive traffic to your site, and offer incentives. The cost is obviously a major concern for everyone looking for web hosting. Do your research and compare. If your service is as little as $3-$5 more than the majority of your competitors you will lose potential clients to other companies. If you have your own sites for other money-making activities, advertise on your sites. E-zine articles and other article directories are good avenues for generating traffic. You can create ready-made sites with templates and sell the template, site and hosting as a package on e-bay. Free services will grab the attention of potential subscribers but do not give too much away. Instead focus on the value of what you have to offer.

With some work and commitment within a fairly short period of time you could be well on your way to supplementing your income with a fat chunk of change. Remember that your clients will be depending on you to keep their businesses in the public eye. A good solid base of 100 loyal customers consistently paying will add up to $12,000 a year but you can do so much more with Web Hosting Reseller Accounts.
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