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Overlook This Crucual Element And Your Sales Will Suck!

Jan 5, 2008
One of the most common factors copywriters overlook is the necessity of proof in their copy. Skilled copywriting professionals know the value of making a benefit driven promise and following it up with emotional content, however the evidence is often left behind. Where's the proof? Consumers are no longer willing to buy simply because you've created a clever and benefit driven sales letter. They are skeptical. And they should be. There are a number of people online selling goods that are not worth the time it takes to read the sales copy. But that's not you. You have a good product or service and you're able to prove it with effective copywriting.

How is this done?

How do you prove your product will do what you claim it will, without stopping your copy dead in its tracks?

Recommendations and Testimonials. What your clients have to say about your product is one of the most effective copywriting tools available. Personal stories of success, user reviews, and other opinions from those who have had first hand experiences with the product are valuable in proving the real benefits it offers. The suggestions below will help you use these positive statements effectively in your sales copy:

1. Always provide your readers with access to the source of your testimonial or endorsement. If a reader can gain more knowledge about the business or individual promoting your product, they are generally more apt to trust their opinion.

2. Use a video or audio case study for a more powerful effect. Actually hearing the product or service talked about has an extra effect of credibility. There are some fantastic software products that make adding a video or audio to your sales copy easy.

3. Whenever possible, personalize written reviews and testimonials by adding a photo of the individual responsible for the statement. Attaching a face to the opinion can often be a big influence for consumers.

Relate personal experience. Readers appreciate genuine and sincere copywriting. Your personal experiences not only make you and your product more approachable, these firsthand accounts are one of the best ways to create trust and credibility with your reader.

If your copywriting efforts promote a video or a book about effective dog training, most of your readers will easily relate to stories about your struggles and frustrations in pet training. Discuss your experiences in a personal way that keeps the reader's interest and entertains. Weave these stories into your copywriting to prove that the benefits of your product are not just empty promises, but real, proven results.

Provide statistical truth. Including percentages, survey results, research statistics, and other proven facts in your sales copy is a terrific way to generate interest and trust in your product. Before incorporating facts and statistics into your copywriting, consider these tips:

- Make sure the information is relevant. Using the sales copy example above with the dog training product, simply stating that you've successfully trained more than 100 dogs using your unique training may not be relevant enough. However, data that includes how long it took to train the dogs, how old the dogs were and the number of accidents the dogs typically had with your training tips compared to the number of accidents a dog has without your training tips is relevant. Now readers can compare the information and see a real benefit.

-Visual aids can be one of the most effective copywriting tools available. It is easy to insert graphics and images into your design software or even into your basic word processing software program. Graphics can often be more powerful than the words themselves in online copywriting because readers rarely read the information they find on the internet. Instead, most users skim for relevant information, paying attention to special formatting and, especially, images. Try incorporating these visual aids into your sales copy:

*Images of the product, as well as photos of it in use. Video clips can really give a first hand look at the true benefits of your product.

* Tables make it easy for side by side comparisons

* Charts and graphs display statistics in an easy to digest manner

- Comparing the product or service you provide with similar items available can be a powerful way to prove the value of what you are promoting. Graphical interpretations, video clips, and other copywriting tools can be used to communicate the benefits of your product to the reader, showing how it works better than those from the competition.

Credibility counts. One last excellent copywriting tool to add believability to your sales copy is to include information that adds credibility. You can add credibility to your copy by answering any of the following questions:

- What achievements has your product been recognized for?

- Briefly, what is the history of your company?

- Has your product been covered by any news networks, magazines, or newspapers?

- Are there books, journals, or other publications available regarding your product?

- Is the company supported by any noted individuals, particularly actors, musicians, or athletes?

- What do the experts say about your product or service?

The most powerful and effective copywriting makes use of all the various tools available to not only promote and discuss the product, but to prove to the reader that this product is worthwhile and, without a doubt, far beyond any expectations. Successful copywriting resolves any skepticism or doubt in the reader's mind through powerful sales copy that proves, rather than convinces.
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