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Tanning Salon Business Concerns

Jan 5, 2008
Tanning salon businesses can fail due to unhappy customers or not enough income to cover expenses. They can also be very profitable businesses though if you go about it in the right way. Focus on the long term aspects of your business instead of just making a huge amount of money over the summer.

The biggest issue with a tanning salon is the overhead expenses. You can easily get caught up in a dilemma here with the equipment. New tanning beds aren't cheap but they won't have the problems you may experience with used tanning beds. Should you decide to go with used ones you definitely need to have them inspected.

You can't run a profitable tanning salon with only one or two pieces of tanning equipment. During the busy times of the year the demand is going to be too high. You will need to offer several different types of tanning equipment as well. Some people want a booth while others prefer a bed. Sunless tanning equipment has also become important to consumers as well.

The cost of operating the tanning beds really adds up for you as well. This will show up in the form of a high electricity bill for you to cover. If you buy a building or rent it you have to check the power source you will have. You should be able to have all of the tanning equipment on at the same time and not overload anything.

Don't think for a moment that you can operate your tanning salon on your own. During the busy spring and summer months people are going to flock in for tanning sessions. You can't sign up new people, direct them to tanning rooms, answer phones, and clean the tanning rooms all on your own. If you try to customers will be waiting and your business won't be effective. Factor the cost of employees into your expenses as well.

Never overlook the power of quality customer service with a tanning salon business. You need to offer quality services that customers can access quickly. Most tanning salons operate on an appointment basis during the busy season. Don't allow people to tan when they are late as it isn't fair to others that do show up on time. You can offer one tanning room for walk ins to help alleviate any congestion problems.

Carefully schedule the tanning appointments so people can get in when you have them down for. Give them enough time to for changing for the session as well. Keep in mind that people are going to increase their tanning time as they go along so keep the time open. If you schedule well though you won't have huge gaps between sessions regardless of how much time they are scheduled for.

All of these things need to be considered before you open the doors to your tanning salon. You want it to be a very profitable business. If you are struggling with some of these issues it is going to cost you repeat customers. They aren't going to wait around all the time and they don't want to tan in poor equipment. Do all you can to ensure each customer has a great experience each time they come in.
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About the author: Betty P Davis writes about the business of personal pampering. She investigates changes and trends and documents what works (and what doesn't) when opening a day spa or getting involved in the tanning salon business.
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