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Why Recurring Billing Software Is Important For You

Jan 5, 2008
You would want to know who owes you money. For that you need to keep a tidy account and spend time doing your book-keeping. You have customers and you need to generate recurring bills. Recurring billing software lets you do all that, without you having to spend your time. It keeps track of your debtors, and generates alert reports, or sends the alert to customers when the bills are over-due. Recurring billing software lets you make your invoices exactly the way you want. The software is also considered to be a powerful marketing tool, which enables you to send emails or marketing letters to your customers who are on your client list. All these could be done with just a few clicks of the mouse. This helps your business grow as your customers are made aware of your new products, considering that your own customers are your best marketing list.

Recurring billing software helps you to keep your account tidy, with invoice receipts getting automatically posted as and when your customers pay the bills. The software is user friendly and can be operated by anyone in your company. The billing software is applicable to various kinds of business environments, such as, Computer Maintenance, Web Hosting, Contractors, Consultants, Professional Services, etc.

The features of the software include:

1. Maintenance of your customer list, their contact details, which include their email addresses.

2. Maintenance of comprehensive recurring billing information, including the information of the different charge rates for the customers, frequency of invoices, or bill generations as and when become due.

3. The feature that provides you with the facility to choose the frequency of bill generation from daily to yearly.

4. Automatic generation and printing of the billing invoices as and when it falls due, and with this feature you never miss a billing your customers.

5. Feature to renew billing generation for another period for your specific clients, which you may do with just a few clicks of your mouse.

6. Generation of forecast statement of your billing for the next 12 months.

7. Invoice receipts are automatically posted in the cash book, by your recurring billing software.

And many more.

From your customers' point of view, recurring billing software provides the facility to:

1. Store all your customer records, including the ones whom you work with at more than one site.

2. Maintain detailed information on your large customers in form of notes with date/time stamp, and set up 'jobs'

3. Generate invoices with itemized job particulars, including the different site addresses of the customer.

4. Provide you with the feature of a diary writer, which gets filled automatically with regular job schedules. These may be easily re-scheduled to another date/time or to another person if needed.

5. Set up all the account features written in the diary, allowing auto generation of invoices as and when they fall due.

6. Easily add extra charges to invoicing.

7. Send invoices and other documents by email to your customers, which appear either as attachments, text in the body of the email, or both when received by the client.

8. Prepare quotations for your customers, including estimates, keeping a track on such documents generated.

9. View your sales statistics, based on the services, the clients, the individual person, and many more.

10. Prepare an over-view diary report to refer to the jobs implemented by the concerned employee, including the time of start and finish of the related job.

Recurring billing software can provide all the required information for your company and for your customers. At the same time the software helps you to keep a track of the related activities concerning your dealings with customers. The software also improves the cash-flow of your company, there-by enhancing the company's profitability. In this way you increase the transiency in all your financial transactions, maintaining a proper and smoother business operation.

Recurring billing software is available on many open source platforms, and they are in good demand. The most popular ones have been developed on SQL database, which provides quick query results and report generation. The software is generally web enabled, and when choosing such software you should ensure that it is user friendly, can run on any popular browser, and can work with any internet connection.

Recurring billing software provide you with invoicing feature with varied charge rates. It also provides you with all transaction related information relating to accounts receivables, general ledger, and other accounting features related to ordering. The software provides you with a great advantage of saving your time in maintaining your accounts in the way it should be done, providing you with features of report generation based on different head of accounts. With all the features that the software provides, your customer relation takes a new turn, improving constantly benefiting your business.
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