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What Does Two-tier Affiliate Program Mean?

Jan 5, 2008
Most webmasters are familiar with the notion of affiliate marketing and how it is working. In most cases you put a link on your website and when someone follows it and of course buys a product, you will get a piece of the profit. This concept is not difficult to understand. But there is another way to make some more bucks under the umbrella of affiliate marketing.

You can in fact make more money under the notion of two-tier affiliate marketing. It may seem very complicated. However, it is just another way of making money. You can make extra money from this besides the traditional earnings from making sales.

It is not difficult to understand the concept of two-tier affiliate marketing. In fact you are still referring people to the affiliate programs. However, instead of making money by making sales form your website, you are making money by referring them to sign up as affiliates. And there is no extra work you need to do! You have already set up your websites and what you need to do is put the link to refer people to subscribe.

And the best part is that you can keep making money from your second tier. Every time that second tier makes a sale of a product or service, you can earn a portion of commission. What is even better is that when they get someone to sign up as their second tier, you get a portion of their profits too.

Do not think that the above too good to be true. If you can get plenty of people to sign up as affiliate marketers through you, you can continue to make money from their sales as long as they are still working in program.

Some people may think that there will be legal problem. However, you will be totally wrong if you are one of them. It is not the same as multi-level marketing. It is because you are selling legitimate products which are essentially different from multi-level marketing. It is true that they are a bit similar at the very beginning. However, you will see the main difference after working for a while. How much you can earn depends on how good you are referring new people to the affiliate program.

You can earn as much as your can under the notion of two-tier marketing. Of course you will need to work hard, at least for the beginning in order to refer more people to the programs. Since you can also make money if the new marketer makes sales, you will have a large potential to make real passive incomes. You do not need to work. You can just sit back and watch your bank account, provided that your second-tier can make sales. So, act before it is too late and start make money today!
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