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How To Turn $0 Into $1,500 In ClickBank Affiliate Commissions

Aug 17, 2007
How To Turn $0 Into $1,500 In ClickBank Affiliate Commissions

by Codrut Turcanu

Believe it or not, this 3-minute article will reveal to
you how you too can cash in with the ClickBank affiliate
program and generate large affiliate commissions.

If you have ever wanted to know how you can start making money
online by promoting ClickBank affiliate products and without
spending a penny on advertising, now it's your chance to discover
how I do it in 3 quick STEPS.

Before we go any further I want to share with you a
few ClickBank insider secrets:

a. All you need to get started is a ClickBank affiliate nickname
which you can get at ClickBank.com. It's 100% free to sign-up
and you can start promoting a product within minutes.

b. It is fairly easy for someone to hijack a ClickBank affiliate code
and steal your commissions. Also, it is fairly easy to protect your
ClickBank commissions and make a nice living on the web solely
with ClickBank.

c. The ClickBank marketplace makes it easy to earn commissions
as a ClickBank affiliate by browsing up to 10,000 digital
products like eBooks, software tools, services, etc.

Now, that I have told you these facts, I want to let you know
how I generate ClickBank affiliate commissions with zero
advertising costs, quickly and easily:

STEP #1 - I pick products that pay at least $30 per sale.

The ClickBank network contains over 10,000 products and services.

You can easily get confused and overwelmed with so many products.

If you want to make real money I suggest you pick a ClickBank
product that pays at least $30 in commissions.

You can search ClickBank for vendors that allow you to get
75% commissions... if a product sells for $67, 75% off
$67 means over $50.

HINT: there are loads of ClickBank vendors that pay high
commissions in the 60-75% range. So stick with them!

This is an easy way to skyrocket your ClickBank
affiliate commissions.

STEP #2 - I create a mini course to promote the product.

FACT: marketing studies show that on average a person needs
to see an advertisement for about 7 times before they decide
to buy the product or not (online or offline)

Here comes the most exciting part - autoresponders can help
you send out e-mails to your prospects (potential buyers)
and turn them into real customers who order from you again
and again.

Once I pick a ClickBank product, I review it carefully by
buying a copy of it and testing it wisely.

If I like it, I'm going to create a 5-part course containing
mini lessons targeted to the ClickBank product I promote.

If the one I pick is related to dog training, then I'm
going to create a 5-part course with dog training tips,
tricks and techniques.

Each lesson will be uploaded onto my autoresponder
and each e-mail will contain a link to a separate page
on my site where the lead will read the lesson and
a mini review of the ClickBank product I recommend.

TIP: never promote more than 2 or 3 ClickBank related
products on the same web page. You don't want to confuse
your reader. When I am offered too many options I get
confused about buying, and I'm not going to order
due to this fact alone.

STEP #3 - I create a mini page review.

If you truly want to boost your ClickBank commissions
you owe it to yourself to create a mini page review of
the product you recommend.

Here's what your review needs to contain:

a. write a few paragraphs about why you like the
product and why you recommend it to your reader.

Offer positive and negative aspects as well.

b. add 2 or 3 testimonials from happy customers.

You can snatch testimonials from the ClickBank vendor site
or you can ask those who already purchased from your
ClickBank affiliate link to send you their feedback.

In return you should promise them a special bonus
and tell them you're going to publish their
comment as a testimonial on your web page.

HINT: this is a mutual benefit. You get new testimonials
that the vendor site hasn't - your visitors will trust
you more than the vendor site (product owner). Your customer
will get your bonus and have a link on your site that should
bring them some nice exposure to their business.

In conclusion, if you follow these 3 powerful tactics below,
you're going to make large ClickBank commissions with
zero advertising costs, quickly and easily
About the Author
Codrut Turcanu is a top marketing expert. He co-authored the multi media ePackage 'ClickBank Affiliate Confessions' with hard-hitting journalist Heather Vale. Sign-Up FREE - ClickBank Affiliate Course
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