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Don't Go It Alone! A Successful Home Business Is Not A One Man/woman Show!

Jan 5, 2008
Even if your home business is a sole proprietorship with no employees you don't have to shoulder the entire burden of management and operations yourself. You can and should think bigger in terms of leveraging other people to keep your business moving forward at all times.

Many people, when they think of their own home business, envision a one man/woman show where they as the owner literally do everything. This is the fast-track to fatigue, frustration, and failure.

Think about this:

Does a military General man every position himself? Of course not, he has an entire network of personnel to handle the appropriate positions.

The truth is if you have any ambition at all fulfilling your dreams of success will require far more productivity than you can handle on your own.

"But Tim" you might say "I can't afford to hire a staff I'm just getting started here!"

That is perfectly understandable. But the good news is you don't have to hire employees.

All you need is a solid outsource network.

It doesn't take big money to assemble a great network of vendors and service providers who can help you maximize your production and tackle multiple crucial tasks without losing your mind in the process.

As you already know there are many crucial tasks involved with running your business in a profitable manner. Website development and management, product creation, advertising, customer/member support, and planning your marketing strategy are examples of things that may need to be addressed each week. All of these operations are vital, but some are menial.

Is it really a good use of your time to build and edit Web pages? If you're not a professional Web designer then the answer is probably 'No'.

Is it cost-effective for you to handle every email and phone call your office receives on issues of general customer support? If you do any sort of decent sales volume again the answer is 'No'.

Is it smart use of time for you to be involved in the planning of this month's marketing strategy? You bet.

There are plenty of qualified professionals you can pay to build graphics and Web pages, and to run an online Help Desk. But when it comes to making decisions about the future of your business and investing in good advertising or educational opportunities you definitely need to be involved.

These are all loose examples I'm using to build a point. And my point is, you should spend your time doing things related to your business that nobody else can do, and be willing to delegate less crucial assignments to qualified vendors.

A few more examples...

A certified public accountant can balance your books for you.

A professional copywriter can tackle your sales letters.

A programmer can install dynamic scripts on your Website.

But only you can plan your next project or series of projects.

Only you can decide to add a new service array to your list of offers.

Only you can deliver a personal message to your subscribers, members, or customers.

Are you beginning to see where I'm headed with this? By assigning appropriate tasks to your outsource network you can focus more effectively on those areas which create more profits for your business.

And if you are willing to spend some time looking and negotiating, you will be able to find the right people for every task that you wish to outsource. I recommend finding one or two vendors for each task and using these providers on a regular basis.

For instance find one or two Web design companies to handle all your template work, and find one or two writers to handle all your copy needs. By finding regulars for your outsourced labor you'll be able to build an ongoing relationship with your vendors and avoid the hassle of finding somebody new each time you have a need.

Once a good relationship is formed you could end up getting a volume discount, or at the very least feeling comfortable that you have a reliable agent for every project that comes along.

Some people find it hard to "let go" in the beginning. I admit it can be difficult to start trusting others with your business operations, and of course there is the financial commitment. But I assure you once you have a quality outsource network in place you'll be amazed by how much more productive and profitable your company becomes.
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