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Are You Looking for a "People's" Business? Then Try Network Marketing

Jan 5, 2008
If you've heard of "network marketing," you might also have heard that it's a "people's business." In effect, it can be quite similar to MLM marketing and franchising. Those who advocate it say that it is the ultimate "people's business." In short, there's nothing else like it.

Of course, it's true that those in network marketing will respond to this in the affirmative, where it may be that those not familiar with the industry or those with less than pleasant experiences of it might not agree with this idea at all. One unique thing about this kind of businesses that each individual distributor is his or her own boss, but is never employed "alone." They're always part of a larger network. The compensation models as well are designed so that every person in the business has support from someone in his or her up-line.

It's true that you can make a fortune with this type of business and indeed, you may have done just so. However, this is not true of most people. Nevertheless, every individual distributor does have the same chance as anyone else to achieve this kind of success. Whether you succeed or fail in network marketing is not dictated by any of the traditional barriers to success in business, be it gender, background, race, age or politics. Instead, it's entirely focused on results. Because of this, this is also something that could be called the "fairest" type of business in the world.

For many if not most, what makes their home based business most valuable is not in its financial return but in the lessons taught. They can truly be priceless and many have called the growth they have experienced life changing. Because it is continually challenging, anyone interested in it must leave his or her comfort zone and grow. In most cases, this will make you a better person.

Why is network marketing unique in this respect, then? Of course, every entrepreneur has to deal with challenges and most will also experience personal growth because of this. However, the significant difference is that most entrepreneurs are self-made and learned their expertise almost completely without any type of formal education. A family member, or a mentor could have taught them, or they may have simply learned by trial and error. It's quite rare that you'll find someone here who possesses a huge library of books or tapes on personal development. Most also don't attend seminars or motivational training. Indeed, this can be true, but there're also many seminars that teach you how to be successful better than a degree from a university can.

One benefit of network marketing is that an educational system is built right into the training systems of any good network marketing company. Network marketing, simply, places perhaps the most emphasis of any type of business on personal development. Even though many companies argue that they spend a lot of their budget on educational programs, in effect, what they do is really personnel development. And contrary to "personnel development," network marketing is focused on "personal development," or building people.

If you want to learn more about how to be successful in your life, and you don't have a lot of money or a scholarship, then network marketing might just be what you need to teach you what you want to learn.
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