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Aug 17, 2007
In marketing nothing happens overnight. It is like building a house for your family: first planning, then longlasting execution and the result, your own home, will be ready maybe after one year.

Marketing is also a slow process. Often it means building on last weeks success and forgetting last weeks failures.

Marketing is about frequency. Your target market must see the ads regularly over and over again. Repetition and coverage are very important. Sometimes however even one ad can bring huge results.

One good article and BANG: orders will rain in. But again it was one shot and marketing must still be done on a regular basis like nothing happened.

Work from home internet business needs consistency: the target market have to see the offer on a regular basis and maybe contact you by mail. This will build credibility on a long term.

Marketing cannot be automated to a robot. It needs a human work, creativity, tracking and new ideas all the time. Marketing is hard work.

Planning marketing strategies and campaigns is important but just theory. All results come with real actions. Repeated actions. A marketer can learn from tracking to finetune his campaigns in the future and can get a lot of new ideas from internet communities especially from discussion forums.

Marketing objectives must be to run certain set of actions per week not to reach certain income per week. Income is the result of well planned actions but a home business owner can effect to incomes only by doing real actions on a regular basis.

Marketing is also commitment. To commit to market work from home internet business on a regular basis or to skip the whole business. It is a simple must to commit long term. Nothing happens in a week or month.

My own plan was in the beginning to just work hard during the first six months in the affiliate business ( learning period ) and after that to wait some income.

But on the other hand, learning is very interesting. It is nice to belong to discussion forum community, ask questions and give some tips to newbies. And to see that all over the world people have the same kind of challenges in the start and even after many years in the business.

As a matter of facts, affiliate program marketerīs working fellows are on discussion forums because mostly work from home internet business is done by one person alone from home. So the social business contacts are in the internet.

Being with in the changing internet world is absolutely interesting. The number of netconnections and especially broadband connections will bring new people into affiliate business every day.

The biggest increases happens in China, India, Pakistan and Russia where people for the first time in the history can participate internationally through internet.

What a huge potential.
When you think how to participate all this, my suggestion is to pick a longterm, solid affiliate program, which has proven results and step-by-step training, support and discussion forum. Then just do it!
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