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Giblink - A Growing Leader In Social Networking

Jan 5, 2008
When it comes to the internet and the opportunity to make money, you don't need a crystal ball to look into the future. The internet and online business is really in its infancy, creating many opportunities. The world of online communities, business networking, and social networking are just in their infancy and the future holds plenty of opportunity for the entrepreneur spirit.

One of the first to bring social networking to the world is MySpace.com. In fact, they can be credited with giving the world a glimpse of what the future holds. Youtube.com has also changed the way we interact. No longer is the internet about text and still pictures, now we have live video. Many other companies have broken ground in the way the internet is used. Companies like Squido, Dreammatches, GoDaddy.com, and Facebook have expanded both social and business communities. This has resulted in entrepreneurs using these sites to network and communicate with others, and to grow their business.

But there is one company that is standing out from the crowd. The evolution online ahs taken things to a new level and Giblink is one of the companies that is taking advantage of the available technology. Giblink stands for Global Internet business Link and they've managed to migrate various communication clusters so that they are all under one roof. This is a company that's emerging as a stand-alone business.

Giblink is one of the few sites that merges social networking, web design, web services, and business networking with sales. If you took the best of MySpace, GoDaddy, and YouTube with a direct sales tier for generating substantial revenue, you would in essence have Giblink.

The entire system is based on a four tier revenue model, which includes referrals, direct sales, membership activity, and validation with the company's profit sharing. Not only does this system make Giblink an attractive venture. It also highlights just how advanced communication has become on a global scale. Just how sophisticated it is can be seen in this business model.

There are three individual yet integrated modules. Giblink is responsible for the social and business networking of the business. It provides classified advertising, e-cards, forums, blogs, clubs, and a host of marketing tools.

Giblink does things better. Let's look at MySpace classified ads, which are divided into categories. Giblink doesn't do that instead using a search providing a less cluttered, more intuitive, and more useful tool.

Gibsales is responsible for the registration of domain names, hosting, website design, and all other services associated with online business. They offer sites that give their members leverage within the market and that have a proven track record of generating revenue that's in the billions each year.

Gibsales is also very innovative. Let's look at choosing a domain name. At GoDaddy you type in what you want, it will come back telling you it's available or not providing a couple of options if it is taken. Gibsales on the other hand has you type in a keyword you want to see in your domain name and then it provides you a list of fifty names that are available. Now that's much more effective and convenient saving a great deal of time.

The Gibline is a unique unit with revenue potential that earns revenue through POD's, which will generate a 100% revenue share matching bonus for each pod.

Giblink is innovative, technologically advanced, and network driven. It's a proven system that uses social and business networks to build and generate revenue that grows. If you are an entrepreneur or small business, you should check into what Giblink has to offer. There's a lot of potential here. The question is do you recognize a "gold mine" when you see one.
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JB has started a blog at http://www.gibline10.com to help gibLink members reach gibline 10 as quickly as possible. For more information about the gibLink social network please visit http://www.gibolution.com.
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